Afghanistan: Taliban Terrorist have our guns, vehicles, and computer equipment

    Like me, you’re not stupid. Both of us see what is going on in Afghanistan.

    There are people actually holding onto the wings of commercial 747’s thinking they might get out of the country that way. Women are being dragged out of colleges and schools and are being flogged, raped, and stoned to death. We have messed up badly under the Democrats.

    Those 8th Century Taliban assholes now have millions of dollars more in guns, vehicles, computer equipment, and gasoline. They certainly couldn’t be happier. They also like raping little boys because it makes them more manly. How could Biden not see them as the enemy?

    The FBI is failing us because they are more worried about Jan 6th and can’t seem to think about anything else in the meantime.

    The CIA is more worried about Trump; national security can take a back seat. Plus, they have equality treatment meetings for transgender people, and they need to silence almost every word so someone doesn’t get offended. Is no one in the CIA working anymore? No one advised against this?

    The military is vaccinating people, then re-masking them, then shutting down for transgender and racism quality meetings. And they must make sure no one speaks because everything offends everyone.

    The White House can’t do anything because of Trump; they are helpless because Trump was there. Trump was once president, so we have to burn down the country, why? Because of Trump. Don’t like it? That’s because you’re racist. And Trump.

    No one is doing their damned jobs in the government. Stop what you’re doing and find out how to run for office. If someone is doing something inappropriate in public, start with the shame, not saying anything is making it worse. I have started asking people why they are wearing pajama pants in public, they get mad but know I’m right. It’s the little things.

    The people in charge aren’t doing what we put them there to do. They need to be replaced. If you agree with me then that’s a start. Stop staying quiet, I’ll do the same.

    Content created by Ben Revermann

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