Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is Playing Both Sides of the Impeachment Fence

    Tommy Tuberville first became famous while coaching college football’s Auburn Tigers. The coach won an SEC championship in 2004 before coaching Texas Tech and the Cincinnati Bearcats.

    Now a politician, Tuberville turned his coaching good will into an Alabama senate seat in November and has already been heavily connected to Donald Trump made to Tuberville during the Capitol insurrection.

    Still the freshman Alabama senator is saying that he is keeping an open mind during the impeachment hearings. Jake Sherman reported on Thursday:

    “Tommy Tuberville told us multiple times he is open minded & has not made up his mind about whether to vote to convict trump. ‘President Trump – he supported me a but I’m going to look at the facts. I thought this group did a good job. They showed things that I hadn’t seen.’”

    Sherman continued, “He said the videos have been powerful. Noted he hasn’t been on a jury ever. Says it may be because ‘I was a coach and working all the time.” “I want to see what happens tomorrow. … this is a trial. They put their facts forward. Let’s hear what they do tomorrow.’”

    Still, like a number of Republican senators, Tuberville is also fundraising off his support for Trump. A recent email to supporters read, “And in my first weeks in the US Senate, I’ve heard from the good people of Alabama, loud and clear. I’m standing up and fighting to acquit former President Donald Trump.”

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