An Earthquake Rattles The GOP As Biden Republicans Are On The Rise

    Pollster Stan Greenburg has found that President Biden has led to the rise of a new group within the GOP of Biden Republicans.

    According to Politico:

    In leaning too hard into white identity politics—and perhaps being too focused on what he thought Reagan Democrats wanted—Trump accelerated the rise of a new voting bloc that is, in many ways, the mirror image of the Reagan Democrats.

    Call them the Biden Republicans.

    Like the Reagan Democrats, they’re heavily white and live in suburbs. But where the Reagan Dems are blue-collar and culturally conservative, Greenberg sees the Biden Republicans as more affluent, highly educated and supportive of diversity. Historically, they identified with the Republican Party as their political home. But the leaders who were supposed to fight for them seem to care more about white grievance and keeping out immigrants; seem to care more about social issues and “owning the libs” than about child-care payments and college tuition.

    As Trump has pushed the Republican Party toward an embrace of racism, misogyny, white nationalism, and division, Republicans who feel that their party no longer represents them have gravitated toward Biden and the Democrats.

    Trump’s hold on the Republican Party means that the middle in American politics has been kicked to the curb by the right, and Democrats have been there to talk to their concerns and issues while earning their votes, which helped lead to the Biden presidency and Democratic control of the Senate.

    The ideological gap in the Democratic Party is tiny. For example, Democrats are not debating if the minimum wage should be increased, but how much it will be increased. On the big picture goals, Democrats are in agreement, and increasingly, they are attracting Republicans who turned off by Trump’s right-wing nationalism.

    The Biden Republicans are here, and they may spell doom for Trump and his Republican Party.

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