“Antifa Wants Me Dead” – Journalist Andy Ngo

    Antifa terrorists brutally beat journalist Andy Ngo on Friday evening while he was reporting on the Portland riots.

    “Antifa wants me dead” Andy Ngo said.

    Ngo said he ran into the Nines Hotel begging staff to call 911 but they refused to help him.

    “In the chaos, I managed to seize a moment when my attackers were distracted and crawled away. As soon as I could get to my feet, I sprinted inside the only business I could see that was open —The Nines Hotel. I begged hotel staff to call 911, but they refused and ordered me to wear a mask,” Andy Ngo said.

    VIDEO (language warning):

    The left-wing terrorists surrounded Nines Hotel, pounded on the hotel doors and windows trying to break inside.

    VIDEO (language warning):

    Andy Ngo said he was escorted to an ambulance by a medic from Portland Fire and Rescue through a back entrance of the hotel and treated in the ER for multiple injuries to his head and body.

    Andy Ngo called on the Portland Police and federal authorities to act on this before Antifa operatives hiding behind their masks succeed in murdering an American journalist on their watch.

    Recall, Andy Ngo was brutally beaten by Antifa terrorists in 2019.

    They almost killed him and to this date, no one has been charged!

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