AOC: Conservatives Hate Me Because They’re So Sexually Frustrated

    As you might have noticed, we ran an item about AOC being in Miami during a major winter Covid surge in New York City. This obviously isn’t the story of the century, but it’s a time-honored rule in politics that politicians don’t leave their home turf during crises, and AOC mercilessly slammed Ted Cruz for leaving Texas during the ice storm. Anyway, she naturally got dragged on Twitter and clapped back with some truly bizarre rebuttals, including this one alleging that her critics are sexually frustrated, which is why they fixate on her in particular, and women and LGBT+ people in general:

    This is a classic, if particularly ham-handed, instance of trying to define conservatism into a psychological disorder, a phenomenon we’ve been dealing with for about 50 years. The simpler explanation is that the Right, especially the extremely online Right, is so obsessed with AOC because she’s a socialist celebrity and extremely online herself. That she got criticized for enjoying a getaway in the Florida of Ron DeSantis as her own constituents struggled to find rapid tests among a winter surge needs no elaborate psycho-sexual explanation.


    Meanwhile, Mary Katherine Ham is taking up the AOC line: 

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