‘Back with a vengeance!’ Project Veritas unbanned from Twitter

    The undercover investigative group Project Veritas returned to Twitter Sunday evening after Twitter CEO Elon Musk ended its 21-month exile that began under previous ownership.

    James O’Keefe, founder and president of the journalist group, made the announcement by video Sunday evening on his freshly reinstated account.

    “Project Veritas officially reinstated, back on Twitter 647 days after the Project Veritas Twitter account was wrongly disabled because we filmed a lamppost outside a Facebook executive’s house,” O’Keefe began.

    “Not only are we back, we are coming back with a vengeance!”

    “One week from Tuesday,” he continued, “we are going to launch on Twitter, on the Project Veritas Twitter page exclusively, a new federal whistleblower showing how unaccompanied children at the border are being exploited by the United States government.”

    He then included a brief clip to preview that investigation, in which O’Keefe asks a whistleblower for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: “Has there ever been an investigation as to what is happening to the kids that get sent to these addresses that don’t exist?”

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    “HHS, once they turn the child over, is no longer legally responsible,” responds the whistleblower, whose identity is electronically concealed.

    “I don’t believe this is something that HHS, the agency, wants people to know.

    “Anyone who is recruiting and transporting minors for the purpose of labor, that is trafficking.”

    At the end of the teaser, O’Keefe concludes by saying: “Stay tuned and be brave. Always do something.”

    Content created by Joe Kovacs

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