Biden Holds First Presser, Kayleigh McEnany Lies About How He Was Treated Compared to Trump

    There was nothing usual about the presidency of Donald Trump. The 45th president stormed into office promising to break norms, and that he did. The people around him celebrated the fact that Trump’s reign wasn’t par for the course.

    The same people, though, furiously reacted to any perceived slight against Trump. Trump may have spit in the eye of tradition, but his handlers still felt he was worthy of respect.

    Conservative media has whined for weeks about the fact that Joe Biden has yet to hold a press conference. He held one of Thursday and the GOP was quick to complain about all aspects of the event.

    This was especially true of Kayleigh McEnany. The former Trump press secretary tweeted, “Right out of the gate, the White House press corps stands for President Biden. Would have been nice if they would have routinely shown that level of respect for President Trump. I hope this is not indicative of softball questions to come!”

    Others were quick to correct the former Trump staffer. S.V. Dáte from the Huff Post responded, “Have no idea what she’s talking about. Every single press conference I attended, my colleagues and I all stood when Trump entered room or, in the Rose Garden, took the podium.”

    And Dave Zirin from The Nation wrote,  “You’re lying. Again. Just like breathing for you. It’s amazing.”

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