Biden Puts Another Nail In The GOP’s Coffin While Signing Stimulus

    President Biden made it clear that the stimulus bill has overwhelming bipartisan support as he signed the legislation into law.

    Video of President Biden:

    Biden said:

    In the weeks that this bill has been discussed and debated, it is clear that an overwhelming percentage of American people, Democrats, Independents, Republicans have made it clear — the people out here, made it clear they strongly supported the American Rescue Plan. Yesterday with the final passage of the plan and the house of representatives their voices were heard and reflected from everything we had in this bill. And I believe this is, and most people do as well. Historic legislation that is about rebuilding the backbone of this country. Giving people who built the country a fighting chance. I’m going to have a lot more to say about that tonight and the next couple days.

    But in the meantime, I’m going to sign this bill and make the presentation tonight. Then there will be plenty of opportunities on the road to not only talk about what I’m talking about but the impact on the virus and how to end this pandemic. If I could talk about all of the elements of the bill, Friday, Saturday, and throughout the week.

    President Biden is not letting up on Republicans. It is not a coincidence that the first thing he said was that the legislation had bipartisan support. Biden is gathering up the rest of the country into a unity coalition and leaving the 30% that supports Donald Trump an isolated fringe minority.

    Biden’s pandemic handling is so popular that Trump is trying to take credit for it, but President Biden is reshaping the American majority, and with each promotion of bipartisanship is placing another nail in the Republican Party’s coffin.

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