Biden Weakness Spawns Violence in Middle East


    On Monday, Palestinian militants began launching rockets at Israel, resulting in Israeli airstrikes in retaliation which killed at least 35 Palestinian troops. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Israeli troops to begin amassing near the border, and ground troops entered the Gaza Strip late on Thursday.

    What provoked these rocket launches? According to Palestinian authorities, “as long as the Israeli occupation continues to perpetrate crimes and violations against the Palestinian people, the Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas, will respond and defend” their interests. Additionally, they pointed to the court-ordered eviction of approximately 100 Palestinians from Israeli properties for failure to pay rent. In other words, there was no justifiable reason for the rocket attacks.

    What this escalation is really about is two things: 1) these types of attacks can boost approval ratings for Palestinian government officials, and Palestinian authorities recently delayed an election which must be rescheduled, and 2) the Palestinians know they can get away with unprovoked attacks because the Biden Administration is pathetically weak. They also know America’s leftist media will provide them with cover.

    Consider the reality of this situation. One nation, Palestine, decides to launch rockets into another nation, Israel, including at civilian targets such as apartment buildings. Imagine if this happened to any other country. Imagine if Ireland suddenly launched rockets into England, and their justifications were as lame as the Palestinians. Do you think Biden would be demanding explanations? Do you think the Administration would be quick to denounce the attacks? Do you think any of the morons in Hollywood would be coming to the defense of Ireland? Ireland would be scorned, England would pounce, and the whole crisis would be over in short order.

    How did the Biden Administration respond to the violence? Feebly, of course. They immediately called for “de-escalation.” They went wishy-washy asserting that Israel has a right to defend itself (that was nice of them), while failing to condemn the Palestinians’ actions. How about this? There wouldn’t be a need for “de-escalation” if there wasn’t an “escalation” in the first place. How about assertively denouncing the rocket attacks and threatening the withdrawal of aid? Yup, that ought to do it.

    When President Trump was elected, we heard predictions of World War III regarding his foreign policy, particularly when he moved our embassy to Jerusalem. When he authorized the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in the region, we were told Trump was reckless and the Middle East was doomed. In reality, it was the opposite, as peace was brokered between four Middle East nations and Israel, and tensions there never rose to the levels we saw this week. And why? Because Trump was bold, and they knew he was capable of military actions. But with Biden, Palestinians see a wimp and an opportunity to start trouble. It’s right there in front of us folks, easy to see.

    Trump’s strategy in the Middle East was brilliant. He de-emphasized the importance of Palestine. He correctly identified Iran as the root cause of strife. And he handled relationships based on each country’s nationalist interests and negotiated accordingly. Trump may have been an amateur when he took office, but he turned out to be shrewder than any Democrat could dream. Biden and his cronies are the novices, and this week’s problems are a clear illustration.


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