Brazilian Lawmakers Push For Impeachment Against Bolsonaro | News

    The initiative is promoted by senators Randolfe Rodrigues and Jean Paul Prates and deputies Alessandro Molon, Marcelo Freixo, and Arlindo Chinaglia.

    The legislators consider that the president is trying to “misappropriate the military forces in Brazil, with personal interests, posing an evident threat to democracy.”


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    The request will be accepted during this day in the Chamber of Deputies and joins other similar nature petitions. Bolsonaro is accused of a crime of responsibility against the free exercise of political, individual, and social rights.

    The plaintiffs take as a starting point Law 1.079, from 1950, which encompasses behaviors such as inciting military personnel to disobey the law.

    Said law also includes an illegal act committing military discipline violations and provoking hatred among the armed forces against civilian institutions.

    The aforementioned legal norm also calls attention to the attempt to subvert, by violent means, the political and social order.

    It also rebukes the use of subordinate authorities to abuse power or tolerate that these authorities do so without repression and objects to the impediment to the free exercise of the vote by violence, threat, or corruption.

    On Tuesday, Bolsonaro decided to make command changes in the Army, Air Force, and Navy after the officers in charge of these bodies resigned following the resignation of the former Minister of Defense, Fernando Azevedo.

    The high-ranking military officer left the government after disagreements with Bolsonaro over the Armed Forces’ use for political purposes. In total, the Brazilian President has been the subject of at least 68 impeachment requests to date.

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