Brazilians Take To the Streets Asking Impeachment for Bolsonaro

Brazil’s social movements and trade unions carry out a nationwide protest on Saturday demanding impeachment for president Jair Bolsonaro.


Brazil: Social Movements March to Urge Bolsonaro’s Impeachment

teleSUR correspondent in Brazil Jgnacio Lemus reports that demonstrators from at least 70 municipalities including the capitals of all states have mobilized in caravans to request impeachment for Bolsonaro; the extension of financial help that was approved by Congress as well as the immediate vaccination against the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least 87 caravans will travel across the five regions of the country to denounce Bolsonaro’s irresponsibility regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Bolsonaro’s disregard sparked another wave of massive outrage after the city of Manaus in the Amazon state ran out of oxygen and its health system collapsed last week.

According to Datafolha latest’s survey, Bolsonaro’s popularity is dropping remarkably. The amount of Brazilians that considers the president’s administration bad or the worst, increased from 32 percent to 40 percent from December 2020 to January 2021 alone.

Users turned to social media with the hashtag #ForaBolsonaro and #BrasilPeloImpeachment, sharing images of the caravans and calling for impeachment.