Cuba-Russia Intergovernmental Commission Meets in Havana

    The 18th Session of the Cuban-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic-Commercial and Scientific-Technical Collaboration started on Wednesday in Havana, where participants are examining issues of bilateral interest.

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    The delegations are headed by the Commission’s co-presidents, Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz and Mr. Yuri Ivanovich Borisov, vice-president of the Russian Federation’s Government.

    Participants are meeting in working groups in which they will exchange viewpoints on aspects of mutual interest in the economy, finance, energy, transportation, agriculture, communications, and health care, among other sectors, with the business sector’s involvement.

    The #Cuba-#Russia Intergovernmental Commission begins today in Havana, headed by Co-Chairs Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, and Mr. Yuri Ivanovich Borisov, Vice-President of the Government of the Russian Federation.

    This session of the Intergovernmental Commission will end on Thursday and is an expression of the two countries’ interest in strengthening economic relations and collaboration, the Ministry of Foreign Investment informed. 

    Borisov comes to the Caribbean island nation after having concluded a visit to Venezuela, where President Nicolás Maduro received him. After this visit, Venezuela strengthened its relations with Russia by signing twelve agreements in the financial, energy, trade, military, food, health, and other fields. 

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