Dubai airport to welcome 1.8 mln passengers in next 11 days

    Dubai Airports has issued a passenger advisory alerting travelers about Dubai International (DXB) getting exceptionally busy over the coming period.

    According to the operator, as many as 1.8 million passengers are expected to pass through DXB between November 25 to December 5, with average daily traffic reaching 164,000 passengers.

    The fourth of December is expected to be the busiest day during this period with passenger numbers likely to surpass the 190,000 mark, Dubai Airports said in a statement.

    Essa Al Shamsi, Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai Airports, said, “As always, Dubai Airports is working with airlines, control authorities, and all our other commercial and service partners to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for our customers. Those travelling during this peak period can make their journey smooth and comfortable by following a few simple tips.”

    Considering that travel requirements have changed globally due to the pandemic, Dubai Airports strongly urges all customers to be aware of the latest travel regulations for the desired destitution.

    Earlier, on November 15,2021, Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports had tweeted that: “Passenger traffic at Dubai Airports has grown by almost 20 percent in the last four weeks to reach 20.7m in the year to date to October. Results of ease in travel restrictions in key global markets which is generating renewed confidence in the prospects of international travel.”

    In a statement, Griffiths said: “It’s been steady journey of recovery for Dubai Airports and while we are still a long way from per-pandemic levels of traffic, we are encouraged to see this significant increase in the rate of passenger growth which continues to endorse our position as the world’s largest international airport. Our performance to date has led to a global recovery in all aspects of aviation activity and the growing ability of countries around the world to manage the global pandemic is allowing travel restrictions to be lifted. This has given travelers both the confidence and freedom to plan long-awaited journeys with ease.”

    “Significant market developments such as the UK’s vaccination-based travel programme, the resumption on flights to several important destinations in Australasia and the relaxation of restrictions for travel between India and the USA have all contributed to an upward revision in our forecast for the year by an additional 2 million passengers to 28.7 million,” added Dubai Airports CEO.

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