Ended Up On the TikTok Trump Train Station, I Love It

    My (adult) kids send me endless TikToks with dog rescues and military reunions knowing that it will turn on the waterworks.  But I fought the urge to have my own account for many of the obvious reasons.  Some of you may roll your eyes, but stay with me.

    I used to use social media platforms daily to find news, hear interesting people and share my own thoughts and content.  But what used to be a fast-paced, rollicking barrage of opinion, information (information suppressed by the MSM) and fellowship (with a pinch of laughter and outrage) is now little more than virtual re-education camps.

    Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become humorless guardians of woke culture and punishers of wrong-think.

    And by the way, when did the left become so humorless?  Preachy, judgey, punitive mean-spirited and arrogant, sure.  They’ve always been that.  But humorless?

    And by the way….do you think they have figured out that they are no longer the counter culture?  When your political leaders, corporate America, pop-culture (via Hollywood and music) and the MSM parrot your talking points and cover you in glowing terms, you are not counter culture…you are, in fact, “The Man.”

    I started scrolling more regularly through TikTok, liked a few posts, and suddenly found myself on MAGA TikTok. ConservativeAnt was one of the first accounts I followed.  He makes powerful points but he also makes me laugh.  Anthony, the son of legal immigrants, went viral with a video showing his frustration at being trapped in a blue state at the beginning of the pandemic, and then his trek to a red state.  “After the election, I felt like the country was a bit deflated without the rallies. I think it is important that  we find ways to connect.  We need to laugh. We need to keep our voices going.  It is my way of saying ‘we aren’t going anywhere!’” Anthony shared.

    TikTok’s younger demographic also makes it a powerful platform for Gen Xers like Anthony to reach young voters.  “If we want to reach the next generation, connecting with them in their arena is important.”

    After the election, and as MAGA TikTok grew, Anthony and other content creators expanded to in-person events.

    For me, MAGA TikTok is comforting.  The media works so hard to make us feel isolated and “other, “ but here, I find patriots from every walk of life and the level of true diversity is heartening.  I see all ages, colors, ways of life and parts of the country.  And it is absolutely glorious.

    I see people I can relate to, I see people that surprise and delight me.  It reminds me that, despite how enthusiastically the media and liberal politicians try to gaslight us, we are not only not alone, we are not who or what they say we are and we are a force to be reckoned with!

    PresidentElectKitKat explained, “The more I saw conservative voices being silenced on other platforms, the more I started waking up.  I came to TikTok to assess it for my kids.  I found content creators who were breaking through the chokehold of information the MSM has.  I  became more mindful of my country and the preciousness of our liberties.  And for the first time, with President Trump, it felt like we the people were in the White House.  As they try to silence him, now we are his voice. For all he did for us, we need to speak for him.  We can help show people what is really going.”

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