Floyd Ray Roseberry: Suspected D.C Bomber says someone “in the Military” built the bomb for Him

    On Thursday news broke that a suspected bomber had parked his truck near the Library of Congress and was threatening to set off his explosive device. Negotiators were sent out to engage with a man in a truck. Police evacuated the area around the building. The Cannon House Office Building is being evacuated.

    49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina, later surrendered himself to law enforcement.

    Roseberry said repeatedly during his Facebook livestream from his truck that someone “in the military” built the bomb for him. It was later discovered that his bomb was inoperable.

    Roseberry’s Facebook account was quickly taken down on Thursday.

    Information Liberation later reported on the curious case of this alleged bomber:

    Twitter user AbcdentMinded compiled a damning series of clips from Roseberry’s 30-minute Facebook livestream strongly indicating he is just the latest mentally ill person undercover FBI agents decided to entrap for political gain.

    “Great news gang,” AbcdentMinded said, “remember that rambling guy who said he’d been given a bomb and ‘chosen’ for his mission, who had a vague impression of multiple other accomplices hiding nearby with bombs of their own? They got him! And it wasn’t a bomb after all. The counter-terrorists win 🎉🎉🎉.”

    Because Roseberry is mentally disabled, his ramblings made him sound like a schizophrenic neocon rather than a fed up everyday American patriot (see: “white extremist”) as the FBI likely intended.

    In the course of his 30 minute rant, Roseberry went from saying how he supports mass immigration of “black, white, lesbian, gay, LGBT” people to calling for immediate “airstrikes in Afghanistan” to “kick the Taliban’s a** and stop them from killing people.”…

    …Roseberry’s ex-wife told the media on Thursday that “he’s always been mentally unstable, volatile” and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on medication.

    It appears that once again there is more to this story than what was originally reported.
    Would anyone be surprised if the FBI was behind this stunt just like their previous operations?

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