Former FLA GOP Rep. David Jolly Advises Gaetz to Shut Up, Lawyer Up and Resign

    It’s been a bit more than a week since the Matt Gaetz sex scandal began. Since then, it has seemed like the Florida congressman has made the wrong move at nearly every turn.

    It also seems like Gaetz was expecting more support from the members of his own party. But nearly every fellow GOP lawmaker has remained silent, including Donald Trump.

    David Jolly, who like Gaetz, was once a Republican congressman from Florida, extended some advice to the troubled Rep. during a Wednesday appearance on Chris Jansing’s show.

    Jolly began, “What I’m struck by is Matt’s response throughout this process and I say this somewhat dispassionately and in ways as a compliment to Matt.  He is a skilled debater, a wordsmith. Very tactical in the words he chooses but legal commentators and lawyers will pick up on the disconnect between Matt’s response and the charges.”

    Jansing then asked Jolly if he thinks Gaetz can actually survive the scandal. He responded, “ I’ve said for a week now the best thing Gaetz can do is shut up, hire a lawyer and resign and don’t attend these gatherings and try to recover in conservative circles because if the charges are true and if the charges are true about Joel Greenberg there’s an underaged child victim in this case. It is causing a minor to engage in a commercial sex act. This is not something that Matt Gaetz should be flaunting.”

    While the advice to Gaetz is sound, it seems unlikely that he will take it. In fact, Gaetz is scheduled to speak at a Republican women’s event this Friday at Donald Trump’s Doral Country Club.

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