Former WH Lawyer Neal Katyal Explains Why Capitol Police Suit Could Spell Significant Trouble for Trump

    When Donald Trump was sitting in the White House, he was protected from all kinds of legal jeopardy. But now that he lives in Mar-a-Lago, lawsuits are coming from all over the place.

    On Tuesday a judge declared that former Apprentice contestant Summer Zhervos could go ahead with her defamation suit.

    And later on Tuesday, it was announced that two former Capitol police officers are suing Trump for injuries they suffered in the riot that he incited.

    During a Wednesday segment on Nicolle Wallace’s show, former White House Solicitor General Neal Katyal discussed the case. He told the MSNBC host that Trump is in significant trouble.

    Katyal began, “This is what the complaint said today: ‘The officer attacked relentlessly, bleeding from a cut less than an inch from the eye, cuts, and abrasions on the face and hands and his body was pinned against a large metal door fending off attacks. So when Donald Trump said they were kissing and hugging the guards, my God.”

    Wallace then asked if Trump was in more significant legal trouble now.

    Katyal responded, “Absolutely. If you could short Donald Trump right now it would be a good time to do so. Everything you’re saying, Nicolle, is absolutely right. This, in conjunction with new developments going on in New York, with respect to Weissberg and the like. Donald Trump is in serious trouble. The difference between now and the past is that the Republican Party and senior officials are inviting the trouble and saying there’s merit to it.”

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