France: Demarcation of the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan

    France calls for the demarcation of the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan through negotiations, the French Embassy in Azerbaijan said, Trend reports.

    The embassy noted that France is deeply concerned that incidents have become more frequent on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

    “France calls on the parties to exercise restraint and avoid provocations,” the embassy said.

    The demarcation and delimitation of the border between the two countries should be carried out through negotiations, the diplomatic mission said.

    As earlier reported, Armenian sabotage groups crossed the state border of Azerbaijan on May 27, at about 03:00 (GMT +4), and tried to carry out mining of Azerbaijani territories and other provocative actions.

    Besides, in accordance with the preliminary reports, two sabotage and reconnaissance groups crossed the state border of Azerbaijan in two directions. One consisted of nine, and the other consisted of 15 soldiers. The Azerbaijani army took immediate operational measures against the groups when the Armenian servicemen mined supply routes and other roads in the territory of Azerbaijan.

    As a result, four Armenian soldiers were disarmed and detained, including one officer from the first sabotage-reconnaissance group and two soldiers from the other (six people in total).

    The rest of the saboteurs hastily left the territory of Azerbaijan.

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