Germany: A Somali immigrant accused of killing three women

    A Somali immigrant murdered three women and wounded six more in Wurzburg, Germany on Friday. Initial news accounts expressed puzzlement over the murderer’s motivation, but most now acknowledge that “Allahu Akbar” provides a clue. This is from the Telegraph:

    A Somali immigrant accused of killing three women during a knife attack in Bavaria told police that he was carrying out a “personal jihad”.

    Abdirahman J, 24, who has a history of mental illness, began his attack, targeting women, in Würzburg’s Woolworth store on Friday afternoon. He asked “Where are the knives?” in the shop’s household department.

    As the saleswoman, 49, showed him knives he grabbed the one with the longest blade, just over 5in, and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck, killing her. He then turned on other female customers, killing a pensioner, 82, and another woman, 24, who died protecting her daughter from the attacker. As the mother fought back, covered in blood, he followed her into the street, killing her before carrying out more attacks.
    Witnesses said the attacker shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest). Passers-by cornered him with a broomstick, broken-off branches and shopping bags.

    When police arrived, at roughly 5pm after an attack that lasted for about seven minutes, the attacker waved the knife at officers before being shot in his thigh and arrested. “Allahu akbar. I realised my personal jihad,” he said after his arrest, according to police sources.
    Police found Islamist literature in his room, and anti-terrorist officers are investigating whether he had links with extremist groups.

    Abdirahman J has been living in Germany since 2015, and in a Wurzburg homeless shelter since 2019.


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