Horowitz:Inspector General FBI’s FISA Abuse report was a Covert Attempt to Overthrow Trump

    We’ve known this now for years and finally, DOJ Inspector General Horowitz addresses it.

    The Justice Department inspector general Thursday faulted the FBI for “widespread” errors in its applications for surveillance authority, concluding that the bureau failed to provide supporting documentation for sensitive wiretap requests.

    Building on a 2019 examination of the FBI’s surveillance of a former Trump aide, Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that the bureau did not include adequate support for 183 surveillance applications between 2015 and 2020 following a review of more than 7,000 such requests.

    The findings, Horowitz said “highlights the need for the FBI and DOJ to ensure rigorous supervisory review and robust oversight to help reduce the risk of erroneous information being included in (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) FISA applications.”

    The FISA, enacted in 1978, outlines procedures investigators must follow when they ask judges for permission to conduct electronic surveillance of people suspected of acting as foreign agents.

    What Horowitz’s new report ignores is that the Russia Hoax, which was the brainchild of Hillary Clinton, was used by the FBI to spy on President Trump and anyone near him in order to overthrow or impede his Administration and its initiatives.

    Former CIA Operations Officer: DOJ IG’s FISA Abuse Report Provides Concrete Evidence that Russia Hoax Was a “Deliberate Covert Attempt to Overthrow the Democratic Process”

    In the past, Horowitz hid facts in his report with redactions to cover up the FBI’s use of spies on the Trump campaign.

    IG Horowitz Stealth-Edits FISA Abuse Report to Cover-Up Discrepancy About FBI’s Use of Spies Into Trump’s Campaign

    An additional problem with the FISA process is that the FISA court is corrupted.  We are not sure when, but the FISA Court was clearly corrupted after eight years of Obama.   We pointed this out in 2019 as well:

    FISA Court Warned Multiple Times For Years About FISA Abuse and Yet Did Nothing Until Now Proving It’s Another Obama Corrupted Institution

    It’s no surprise the FBI is corrupt or that it uses FISA warrants as an excuse to spy on Americans they want to target.  The problem is when the FBI illegally spies on political opponents, nothing happens, no one goes to jail.

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