Hunter Biden: The Silence of the Fake News Media

    Earlier this week video was released of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden naked with a hooker complaining about Russians stealing his laptop for blackmail purposes.

    Hunter Biden filmed the whole thing and kept the video on his laptop that he later abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

    This is a national scandal like NOTHING this country has ever seen before.
    Certainly, dirtbag Chris Wray and the FBI are on top of this?

    And yet NOT ONE mainstream liberal outlet even ran the story!
    NOT ONE!

    Can you imagine the headlines and movies and books and harassing reporters if a Trump son or daughter ever did anything CLOSE to this?
    This is really a defining moment in US history.

    We no longer have anything that even resembles the fourth estate in America anymore.

    A quick search on DuckDuckGo on “Hunter Biden prostitute Russia laptop” and you get this.

    Google has this… Only Newsweek and FOX News reported on the incident. Newsweek plays it as a joke.

    The mainstream media cannot be trusted at all anymore.
    What else are they hiding from you?


    Content created by Jim Hoft

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