Independent Voters: Biden get ‘F’ on Afghanistan Speech

    Biden’s speech on Afghanistan was shockingly bad. He blamed Trump, he blamed the Afghan military. Basically, he blamed everyone but himself.

    Then he walked away without taking a single question and headed back to Camp David to finish his vacation.

    A pollster had independent voters watching the speech and reacting in real time.

    They gave Biden an F.

    FOX News reports:

    Pollster: Biden receives F grade from independents for Afghanistan speech

    President Biden’s address to the nation on the unfolding situation in Afghanistan was met with low approval, according to Maslansky + Partners president Lee Carter.

    In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” the polling expert highlighted voters’ real-time reactions to the president’s speech, noting the most surprising response was Democrats’ disappointment.

    “For the most part, when Biden speaks, they give him the benefit of the doubt. In this case, while they did give him some credit for what he said, they were really disappointed overall with the message,” she said.

    Biden claimed in his speech that “the buck stops with me” and said he wouldn’t shy away from responsibility. While the majority of Democrats liked this statement, independent voters gave him an “F” grade.

    Carter relayed this message from an Independent voter: “We’re not mad that he did it. We are mad instead that he pulled out the troops in this way and put them in harm’s way. So the buck does stop with him.”

    Lots of people trashed the speech.

    Biden has done tremendous damage to himself and his party in just a few days.

    It’s hard to remember a bigger political and humanitarian disaster in recent decades.

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