John Fetterman Crushes The GOP’s Big Lie By Pointing Out That Trump Won 100% Of Dead Voters In PA

    Donald Trump lost another legal challenge on Monday when the Supreme Court shot down his final challenge to Pennsylvania’s 2020 absentee ballot process.

    Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who is also running to be the state’s Democratic Senate nominee in 2022, took the opportunity to mock Trump for repeatedly losing the Keystone State.

    “Apparently losing once in Pennsylvania wasn’t enough for Trump, so he decided to take it to court and lose 68 more times,” Fetterman said, according to MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin. “The former President is not leaving empty handed, as he secured 100% of the dead relative vote in the commonwealth.”

    Trump and his loyalists like to claim that so-called dead voters cast their ballots for Democrats, but the opposite appears to be true. As Fetterman pointed out, the so-called “dead relative vote” went overwhelmingly for Trump.

    The GOP is using their big lie to restrict voting rights

    After Donald Trump led the GOP to defeat in the House, Senate, and presidency, Republicans are moving quickly to crack down on voting rights.

    In fact, as Jason Easley pointed out on Monday, Trump’s Supreme Court loss will only accelerate GOP efforts to  make it harder for folks to vote.

    Instead of trying to purge white supremacists from the party, the GOP is working overtime to restrict voting rights for people who vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates.

    After losing the national popular vote in seven out of the past eight presidential elections, Republicans are doubling down on Trumpism and voter suppression.

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