Journalist Glenn Greenwald Dug Around and Found The Worst Possible Photo of Mitt Romney… Says It All

    RINO Mitt Romney is facing quite a lot of heat for his nasty comments towards Tulsi Gabbard.

    He recently lashed out on Twitter, where he called veteran Gabbard “treasonous,” after she shared a video discussing the existence of U.S. bio labs in Ukraine and her concerns.

    Romney received one heck of a response online for that tweet and the backlash is far from over.

    As a matter of fact, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald just dug up a photo of Mitt that casts him in a very bad light:

    Mitt looks like an absolute huckster in the old photo with money stuffed in his clothes, grimacing like a “Wolf on Wall Street.”

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    I don’t begrudge Mitt for making money, but it’s a bad look when he’s being compared to Tulsi, who bravely served our country — after he just called her a “traitor.”

    Here’s what Glenn said: On the left: @MittRomney, posing for a pictorial representation of his life and the values that define it. On the right: @TulsiGabbard in a photo representation of her life values. Only in rotted DC would the former be cheered for recklessly accusing the latter of “treason.”

    Here’s a closeup of Mitt’s photo:

    Of course, that’s just one stain on Mitt’s record, let’s not forget some of his recent exploits that definitely aren’t scoring him any points with conservatives.

    Charlie Kirk brings up a good point: “Mitt Romney is a 4-time Draft Dodger who marched with BLM and voted to convict a president in his own party. He has no room to call another American ‘Treasonous.’”

    Mitt is absolutely disgraceful, and it seems like he’s digging his hole even deeper.

    His Democrat friends must really be in big trouble.

    He’s really working overtime for the enemy.

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