Kari Lake Is Closing In On Arizona Senate Bid

    Former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is set to meet this week with numerous senators and National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) staffers as she closes in on a Senate bid in 2024, according to Politico.

    Lake, who lost the race for governor in 2022 to Democrat Katie Hobbs, will meet Thursday with top Republicans, marking her second time this year that she’s met with the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, according to Politico. The former TV anchor’s visit to Washington, D.C., is the latest signal she will soon jump in the race for Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s seat.

    While Lake would likely draw a majority of the GOP vote in the primary, considering her ties to former President Donald Trump, some Republican political experts are concerned she wouldn’t be successful in the general, according to Politico. In the battleground state of Arizona, the experts fear Lake might lose swing voters in the general due to her contesting her 2022 loss.

    Lake could face Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb in the Republican primary as they eye Sinema’s seat, who has yet to announce a run for reelection. Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego announced his candidacy for the Senate seat back in January.

    Lamb and businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson, who lost to Lake in the gubernatorial primary and is also weighing a Senate bid, met with the NRSC earlier in the year, according to Politico.

    Lake is currently leading the GOP primary field among likely Republican primary voters at 38%, followed by Taylor Robson and Lamb with 10% and 8%, respectively, according to an April 16 J.L. Partners poll.

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