Lara Logan:Fox is Dropping Fan-Favorite After Evil Fauci filed a Complaint

    We all know by now that Fox News is not our friend.

    I know many of you still watch Fox – just don’t forget, they’re not on our side.

    And speaking of that, there’s a new story circulating that Fox is about to cut ties with popular “Fauci-slayer” and independent journalist Lara Logan.

    Lara has a steaming show on Fox Nation, and she’s been a contributor on Fox News, but it appears that she ruffled Fauci’s feathers too much, and now Fox is reportedly going to cut ties.

    Here’s what Lara said during a spot on Fox News:

    “There’s no justification for putting people out of their jobs or forcing mandates for a disease that’s ultimately very treatable, it’s cheap to treat, medicines are available all over the world, and it has death rates that compare very much to seasonal flu,” Logan told Fox News host Pete Hegseth during an interview.

    “In that moment, what you see on Dr. Fauci – this is what people say to me: that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Joseph Mengele. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps,” she added.

    “And I am talking about people all across the world are saying this, because the response from COVID, what it has done to countries everywhere, what it has done to civil liberties, the suicide rates, the poverty — it has obliterated economies. The level of suffering that has been created because of this disease is now being seen in the cold light of day, i.e., the truth,” Logan continued.

    Bizpacreview reported that Logan is not employed by Fox News. She hosts a streaming platform on Fox Nation called “Lara Logan Has No Agenda.” She has previously appeared on Fox News regularly as an unpaid guest.

    Following her controversial comments that were made on “Fox News Primetime” on Nov. 29, Logan disappeared from the network and has not been booked since then according to Mediaite.

    Both the Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee demanded Logan apologize for repeating what others said to her.

    “Are you still with Fox, or what’s going on?” asked podcast host Ivory Hecker on January 3. Hecker was fired in June by Fox 26 Houston for disclosing, on-air, information about behind-the-scenes discussions, and then leaking them to Project Veritas.

    Asked why her Twitter bio still states that she is the host of a Fox Nation show, Logan commented that she was not good at updating her profile, but would when the situation was clearer.

    “I’m not on their payroll,” Logan noted. “So I, you know, I’m not in communication with them.”

    This news comes after Fauci complained about her.

    Here’s what Fauci said:

    “It’s an insult to all of the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps. I mean, it’s unconscionable what she said,” he added before wondering at the fact that Logan hadn’t been disciplined yet.

    “How they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action? I’m astounded by that!” Fauci proclaimed.

    “Forget about the fact that she was being totally slanderous to me and, as usual, had no idea what she was talking about. Saying that it’s as benign as flu. When did influenza kill 770,000 Americans?” he asserted.

    “So not only is she being slanderous and disrespectful to so many people who were killed in the concentration camps by Dr. Mengele, but she absolutely has no idea what she’s talking about,” Fauci charged using the now-common tactic of accusing anyone who disagrees with him of not knowing what they are talking about.

    “She’s completely incorrect in everything she says,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the left has been calling President Trump and his supporters Nazis for 6 years now.

    Fox News really is working against us.

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