MAGA:Democrats stage Justice for J6 Rally so they can use it for next year election

    The cause, seeking justice for abused political prisoners is not silly, but this event was clearly a trap set up by the feds and a would-be tool for Dems to keep this “January 6th” stuff in the news.

    I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this was not a “MAGA” event in any way, shape or form.

    The first clue is that there were more reporters there than actual attendees.

    The second clue was that many of the people there looked like very awkward federal agents dressed all alike in what they think “right-wing young guys” look like.

    However, there was one dramatic incident that occurred.

    A man, who was dressed in “Antifa-like” clothing, with a black t-shirt and black face covering was stopped by Capitol Police.

    They frisked him and discovered he had a gun…oh, and a badge.


    Most people obviously believe this guy is an undercover cop. I mean, that seems to be the most obvious conclusion.

    Here are some of the comments:

    “This is it. The absolute perfect microcosm. Undercover cop stopped by riot cops surrounded by journalists asking what happened. Nothing happened.” 

    “Everyone is so desperate for something to happen lol” 

    “One half of these people are reporters and the other half are cops, no actual protesters” 

    Of course, liberals are convinced it’s a “real cop” who was an off-duty Trump supporter and showed up at the event to fight for “justice” with his gun and badge.

    Anyway, you slice it, looks like liberals were really hoping things would get wild and crazy today so they’d have something to “rage tweet” about for the next couple of weeks.

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