Man who thought coronavirus would disappear ‘the day after the election’ is now a COVID long-hauler

    And so he shouldn’t be surprised when people’s lives are ruined because he said stupid, self-serving shit aimed at keeping his ocher arse in the Oval Office and out of a rectangular jail cell. Idaho trucker Paul Russell is a case in point. While traveling from Florida to Idaho, Russell contracted the coronavirus, eventually spending two weeks in the hospital. And now he’s fucked, basically:

    Now, Russell said, he can’t work anymore. The long-haul trucker has become a COVID-19 “long hauler.” He survived the virus, but it did long-term damage to his body.

    “I’m gonna be on oxygen the rest of my life, according to my doctor,” he said.

    Now, ultimately, Russell is responsible for his own fate. He refused to take COVID-19 seriously and, according to The Statesman, “once thought the coronavirus wasn’t a real threat” and “didn’t believe in masks.” 

    Well, he does now.

    “Before I came down with the virus, I was one of those jackasses who thought the virus would disappear the day after the election. I was one of those conspiracy theorists,” he said.

    Instead, he was in the hospital with COVID-19 a week after the election.

    Gee, where did he ever get the idea that the virus would disappear the day after the election? Who might have told him that? Hmm, I don’t know. Could it be …


    Russell also reports he’s now afflicted with memory and speech problems. His lungs are scarred, he experiences dizzy spells, and his heart races even when he’s not exerting himself.

    “All these people that are saying that it’s fake, blah blah blah, they’re lying to themselves,” he told The Statesman.

    Yeah, they’re either lying to themselves or listening to the wrong people. Honestly, though, I think it’s more of the latter.

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