Mark Levin: Congratulates Trump’s New Blog site

    Conservatives have been very angry about Facebook and Twitter for a couple of months now. Following the January 6th insurrection, both social media giants banned a number of the people who helped incite the event including Trump himself.

    Mike Lindell promised to pull people from Twitter with his own social media site. It failed miserably. Trump also promised to create a site that could compete with the big boys.

    Instead, Trump is starting a blog. Despite widespread mockery, the hosts at Fox News are still going out of their way to praise the former President’s new venture.

    Pete Hegseth began, “There was just an announcement tonight that President Donald Trump, former president, now has a social media platform that he’ll use more frequently to share videos and information. What should he be saying? What do patriots need to be saying to fight back against American marxism? How do you defeat this?”

    Mark Levin gushed:

    “First of all, I feel like we are the Solzhenitsyns here, and I feel like Donald Trump is a tremendous patriot who is trying to find ways to crack through this autocracy that is growing and growing at speeds that we never thought before. First of all, kudos to the president, that is, President Trump for doing this. I think these — these big tech companies, they have used dark money and other things to influence our elections. They’re the biggest threat we have to free speech and freedom of association in this country. I think the big media in this country is in the bag for the Democrats.”

    Despite having the backing of venture capitalist Peter Thiel, Trump’s site doesn’t look like anything that can compete against Facebook or Twitter. In fact, the amateurish nature of the blog shows just how far the former President has fallen.

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