Michael Moore says no to vaccines for Texans, then the woke crowd came for him

    Wait until Michael Moore learns that Beto O’Rourke is an Irish-American guy with a Hispanic-sounding nickname. Would Moore mind if Beto got a COVID-19 vaccination? That is a question now because he doesn’t think that white Texans should be getting the vaccine.

    Apparently, Michael Moore is under the impression that all Texans are of one mind. The population of 30 million Texans, in Moore’s warped mind, is monolithic. He’s taking a beating on social media for a really idiotic tweet he launched after Governor Abbott lifted the face mask mandate in Texas. Moore was so triggered that he declared that the state should not even be receiving COVID vaccines. He was guilty of saying the quiet part out loud – far-left extremists would just like red-staters to die off. Texans are not worthy of a COVID vaccine since the Republican governor lifted a mask mandate.

    Who died and left Michael Moore in charge of COVID vaccine distribution? Who is the ‘we’ he speaks about? Slamming Texans for having a separate power grid and the governor removing the mask mandate is just too much independence for a socialist from the midwest. I mean, it’s not like Texas has a history of independence, right?

    When the blowback began, even from fellow progressives, he had to tone his rhetoric down a bit and revise his statement. He thinks it’s ok for poor people and people of color to be vaccinated in Texas. That leaves white Texans in the middle class and above who must be denied the vaccine. The conclusion from such ignorant ranting is that Moore thinks all white people in Texas voted for Abbott, and certainly no poor people did. I wonder if he knows that Greg Abbott is married to a Mexican-American woman, the first Latina First Lady of Texas. I doubt it. Cecilia Abbott is not a Democrat.

    That’s a beauty, right? Even Indivisible Houston – a far-left progressive group – pointed out that Moore is a Michigander and should know better than such a tweet.

    Next he tweeted that Houston is the first city to record all the new variants of the coronavirus. That’s true, I’ll give him that. But, so what? That fact doesn’t justify his jackass tweets against Texans.

    The last tweet in this rant was equally dumb. Seriously, does he think there are no white Democrats in Texas? My own congresswoman is a white Democrat. I’m pretty sure she won with a lot of white Democrats voting for her.

    This is what happens when a hyper-partisan gets stuck on stupid. Moore is entitled to lash out all he wants but he certainly deserves the blowback from liberals and conservatives alike. Moore’s tweets are no better than Joe Biden’s comment about “Neanderthal thinking”. Aren’t we supposed to be following the science?

    As of Friday, Texas had a seven-day rolling average of 4,300 daily new confirmed cases, down from a peak near 20,000 in January.

    The Lone Star State ranks 24th in the nation in per capita deaths throughout the pandemic, a better record than nearly half of all the states.

    The truth is this – most Texans and individual businesses will continue to support wearing a mask. Most are in no rush to throw caution to the wind. The governor encouraged Texans to continue to wear a mask in public, even as he removed the statewide mandate. He also encouraged social distancing and hand washing, as have been the mitigation guidance all along. He also has the ability to go back to stricter mandates if the necessity arises. For now, though, the state is open.

    I’m noticing that the press is actively searching out businesses who are claiming they have been threatened since the mask mandate was lifted. Many businesses are going to keep mask requirements in place, at least for the near future until it is clear they can safely operate without the requirements in place. Restaurants, in particular, are at the forefront. Just like that, stories are being written by outlets like the Houston Chronicle – a left-leaning publication- that restaurant owners are receiving threats for deciding to require masks for now.

    The past three days have been difficult for Monica Richards, a co-owner of Picos restaurant in Upper Kirby. After Gov. Greg Abbott announced he is reopening Texas on March 10, the restaurant told its customers its own COVID-19 restrictions will stay the same. Picos received many messages of support, but then it got ugly.

    “It was horrific,” said Richards. Picos received calls, private messages on social media and emails threatening to call U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the restaurant’s staff and saying their green cards and paperwork need to be checked. “I never imagined that they would go that far,” she said, adding that Picos has “always been by the book.”

    Picos has been a staple in Houston for almost 40 years. Customers come for the food highlighting Mexico’s distinct regions and the fan-favorite margaritas. The team will continue to operate at 75 percent capacity and require customers to wear face masks when not eating or drinking.

    And Picos is not alone.

    It is a shame that some are experiencing threats, though I question how widespread that really is. Restaurants are grateful to be allowed to get back to work, get back to a more normal way of doing business.

    In Texas, the new normal begins on Wednesday, March 10. Some grocery stores will still require masks and social distancing, others will not. The same goes for other retailers. Consumers can make their own decisions on which stores to shop. Everything is getting better in Texas, thank you very much. It’s why Abbott did what he did this week.

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