National Review Webathon — ‘Never Give Up, Never, Never, Never. . . ‘

    William F. Buckley Jr.

    Those encouraging words come from John, who today sent $100 in support of National Review, responding to our ongoing webathon appeal, explained with force and enthusiasm yesterday by Rich Lowry. Our needs are in part general (the costs of vital opinion journalism surpass income, it’s that simple) and legal, as NR has spent massive amounts in fighting the outrageous lawsuit filed — in 2013, as the impoverishing wheels of justice grind ever so slowly — by Michael Mann. And they’re large (we are seeking to raise $250,000 before this effort ends on Palm Sunday).

    Over 400 people have joined John in the foxhole alongside NR. There’s always room for more in this band of brothers and sisters, which include some who append words kind and inspiring and biographical to their contributions:

    • Mike offers up a Twenty and reveals the wounds: “As someone who lost a job due to university thought police, and may have to go to court to prove it, I fully support this. You should not be able to silence mainstream political thought. In my case, I questioned a social-media policy that allowed managers the ability to fire employees for any social-media posts that did not reflect the values of the institution. Keep in mind, I didn’t actually tweet anything, I just asked if that policy was legal for a university receiving federal funds.” Mike, we hope we can prevail on all counts, on your behalf. Thanks for the aid.
    • Sherman spots a $50 bill and recalls a memory most pleasant: “I was happy to have corresponded with Mr. Buckley as a college and grad student and appreciate the opportunity to help out now.” It means a lot.
    • Another Fifty comes, this time from Thomas, who has an unvarnished opinion: “Michael Mann is a sorry example of the rise of fascism on the left. We are entering a decades-long struggle to preserve freedom in America.” We will when we stand and fight. Together. Thanks, Thomas.
    • Peter donates $200 and shares an interesting opinion: “Your persistent courage is a beacon to all who know the true value of freedom of speech. This SLAPP suit by Michael Mann against NR and others is a major obstacle to global progress on the climate-variability issue.” Maybe that’s the point?! Hmmm. Thanks Peter.
    • Eric makes with a $50 contribution and a wish: “NR is ever more one of the few truly indispensable publications: a bastion of sanity, thoughtfulness, keen analysis, and constructive argument in a media landscape increasingly characterized by the lack of those virtues. Keep up the good and vital work. Also, I would happily part with more of my money if Charlie Cooke could be induced to podcast even more frequently. Daily wouldn’t be too often for this listener!” Only if he has to say “aluminum” every episode. Thanks, Eric.
    • Tom drops a sawbuck on us and hoists the flag: “National Review is an educational conservative publication where Americans, young or old should educate themselves by reading and become intellectuals and future leaders. Nobody, in his/her right mind try to cancel the publication. I say, it is un American!!!!!” Ye, what Tom said!!!!! Thanks.
    • Joe finds his way to giving $140 and reveals a cunning plan: “May every one of your readers getting a $1400 ‘stimulus’ check give you the first $140 of it!” I’ll leave it to others to argue the virtues of Joe’s scheme, but that said, thanks so much.

    Stimulus-check boodle or not, wherever your dollars are sourced (locally, we hope) we are content you realize the quid — that NR is a cause, one that fights for the principles that you share, the principles that really need to be fought for — and the pro quo — we each of us have an important role in protecting our freedoms and unalienable rights. May we suggest, and we do, that NR cannot perform ours without your camaraderie . . . of the fiscal kind.

    Can you do like Tom and donate $10, Mike and send along $20, Eric and tender $50, or buy into Joe’s plot (I’m really warming up to that) and . . . offer a stimulating $140 gift? Or maybe you can do more? The fact is, while NR’s goal for this effort is $250,000, our needs are double that, and then some (and that then some ain’t the little kind of then some).

    No contribution is too small, none too large, and all are deeply appreciated. Please contribute here, and we remind those who like to send their generosity via the U.S. Mail, please make your check payable to “National Review” and send it to National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, New York, N.Y., 10036. God bless!

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