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Pennsylvania Dem Senate Candidate Sought To Empty State Prisons While In Power, Records Show

    • The Democratic candidate running for Senate in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, has a history of recommending the governor pardon convicted murderers and has supported reducing the state’s prison population in mass, records show.
    • Fetterman, who has been lieutenant governor in the Keystone State since 2019 and once pulled a shotgun on an unarmed black man, said in 2019 that he is “trying to get as many folks out as we can.”
    • “He’s the guy who will be the first one screaming and hollering that something needs to be done,” Nick Gerace, president of the Protect Our Police political action committee and a former Philadelphia police officer, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “He’s a danger to Pennsylvania.”

    Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, the Democratic Senate candidate facing Republican Mehmet Oz, has a history of using his office to recommend the governor pardon convicted murderers and has backed the idea of reducing the state’s prison population in mass, records show.

    Fetterman, who has been Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor since 2019, has been characterized by Republicans as a “socialist” aligned with fringe left-wing members of Congress, like Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. While in power, Fetterman seemingly endorsed policies favoring the mass release of prison inmates and said he is “trying to get as many folks out as we can.”

    “A record will quite literally follow you through the rest of your life costing you better job opportunities, better housing opportunities, better employment opportunities and all kinds of other things that really aren’t fair in my opinion quite frankly,” said Fetterman during a virtual “Power of a Pardon” event in November 2021. “So, I’m proud to say that through our leadership we’ve conferred more pardons in Pennsylvania than any administration in history.”

    The state’s lieutenant governor is responsible for overseeing the board of pardons, a five-member body that recommends criminal pardons to the governor, according to Pennsylvania’s government website. Fetterman, who notably pulled a shotgun on an unarmed black man in 2013 and defended it, The Daily Caller reported, appeared to endorse the idea of releasing one-third of the state’s prison population in 2020 twice.

    While “criminal justice reform” is vital in terms of re-examining the cases of nonviolent offenders in the 1990s stemming from former Democratic Delaware Sen. Joe Biden’s “tough on crime law,” Fetterman takes it a bridge too far, said Nick Gerace, president of the Protect Our Police political action committee.

    “He’s the guy who will be the first one screaming and hollering that something needs to be done,” Gerace, a former Philadelphia police officer, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “He’s a danger to Pennsylvania. We need to look at criminal justice change but you can’t let violent offenders back on the streets.”

    Pennsylvania has seen a spike in pardons and commutations of life sentences under Fetterman’s tenure, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in May. The board of pardons has recommended 46 commutations in the four years he ran it, whereas there were six during Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s first term in office.

    Fetterman and one other board member have voted for the most commutations in the past four years than any other board member, the Inquirer reported. Recommendations for pardons have surged 55% since Fetterman assumed his position, the outlet reported, and 155% since former Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s term.

    One person Fetterman motioned for a reconsideration of his pardon bid is Daniel Cummings, who was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, according to state records and a court filing. Cummings was granted a reconsideration bid in February 2020 and the governor pardoned him one year later.

    In February 2021, the same month Fetterman launched his Senate bid, the governor commuted brothers Lee and Dennis Horton, who were serving life sentences in connection with a 1993 robbery and fatal shooting. Fetterman demanded clemency for the brothers eight months earlier and threatened state Attorney General Josh Shapiro that he would run against him in the 2022 gubernatorial race if there were not more commutation recommendations, sources familiar with the matter told the Inquirer.

    Fetterman also recommended a commutation for Richard Marra, state records show. Marra was denied freedom in 2018 and then twice in 2020 and is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, according to a court filing.

    “PA’s Correction Secretary has said: ‘We could reduce our prison population by 1/3 and not make anyone less safe.’” tweeted Fetterman in May 2020. “2/3 of those condemned to die in PA’s prison are African American. We have the power to rectify this now + we absolutely must.”

    Fetterman also echoed the sentiment in July 2020 that Pennsylvania could direct “savings into” schools upon letting one-third “of our inmates” free, while supposedly not making “anyone less free.”

    When asked by TheDCNF about Fetterman’s history of recommending commutations, his campaign said the candidate “has personally and successfully taken on crime” while he was the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania. Fetterman served there from 2006 to 2019.

    “He was at nearly every crime scene, and was often the first to show up at the scene of fires, accidents, and shootings,” a spokesman said. “And under John’s leadership, Braddock went five and a half years without a gun death. John not only has worked hand-in-hand with the police to stop crime, but he knows what challenges our police force face and how to support them.”

    Fetterman’s 2022 senate run comes one year after Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, recorded its deadliest year on record. There were 561 homicides in 2021, Axios reported, and 41 kids under the age of 18 were killed.

    Critics have often blamed the crime wave on Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s left-wing district attorney who billionaire George Soros helped elect in 2017. Krasner, who has overseen falling conviction rates while gun arrests climb, launched a government unit in January that places 18-to-25-year-old defendants in “rehabilitative programming” as opposed to the standard prosecution system.

    Fetterman has supported Krasner, however, and endorsed him in May 2021. Jason Johnson, president of the Law Enforcement Defense Fund, told TheDCNF that if  Fetterman’s “idea of criminal justice reform is anything like” Krasner’s, “voters need to look the other way.”

    “Prosecutors like Larry Krasner have completely upended the role of prosecutors’ offices, making them function more like public defenders or special interest groups that intervene on behalf of criminal defendants rather than representing the state and holding people accountable who have committed crimes,” said Johnson, whose group compiled a report in June on how Soros spent $40 million getting left-wing prosecutors elected nationwide.

    A spokeswoman for the Oz campaign told TheDCNF that Fetterman will “endanger thousands of innocent lives with his soft-on-crime agenda” and “make our communities and cities less safe” due to his desire “to release convicted felons back into our communities, defund the police, and lower the minimum sentence of some convicted murderers.”

    Krasner’s office did not respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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    Senate Foreign Relations Committee GOP offers solutions to ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ on border

      Fox News Digital obtained a report by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republicans that describes the Biden border crisis as a “humanitarian catastrophe for the vulnerable people involved” as well as noting national security concerns. The report offers some solutions to curb the flood of illegal migrants at the border. The report is titled “Biden’s Border Crisis: Examining Policies that Encourage Illegal Migration”.

      Last week I wrote about the all-time record number of apprehensions on the southern border in May. In May I wrote about the record number of apprehensions in April.

      Ranking member James Risch (R-ID) pointed out that the record breaking numbers of apprehensions have been happening since Biden took office. This is a deliberate kind of pain that the country is facing. Joe Biden thinks he has a mandate to transform America where none exists. He insists on killing off the fossil fuels industry and we see the effects of the energy crisis. The same is true with the porous southern border. In his first days in office, Biden signed executive orders ending deportations for illegal aliens already here and he ended the Remain in Mexico agreement put together by the previous administration and the Mexican government, for example. Migrants coming over the border think they have an open invitation from the Biden administration and essentially, they do.

      “Illegal migration to the United States has reached record-breaking levels since the Biden Administration entered office. In order to protect U.S. security and regional stability, its time the administration establish sound immigration controls within the United States and build political will and capacity in Mexico and the northern Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member James Risch, R-Idaho, told Fox News Digital.

      Just as Biden will not meet with oil and gas executives at the White House tomorrow, he has never been to tour the southern border and see the mess he has created with his own eyes. If it was a Republican president who had such a humanitarian and national security crisis on his hands, well, we know the press would make that story a regular headline, right? As it is, Fox News is really the only outlet who reports daily from the border. Democrats and their cohorts in the press see future Democrat voters. Logical Americans see a humanitarian crisis along the border and in surrounding communities. They also see national security risks when a nation’s borders are not secured. There is no national sovereignty without secure borders. As president, securing the borders is Biden’s number one obligation. He is deliberately not doing his job, a dereliction of duty.

      Biden handed off the management of the southern border to Kamala and we see the results. Conditions are worse, not better. Kamala likes to talk about root causes but that’s code for writing checks to corrupt dictators in Northern Triangle countries. In the past that has been tried and yet here we are. Kamala has no new ideas and shows little interest in the subject. She, too, has refused to tour the border. She made one very quick trip to El Paso and stood for some pictures and glad handed some border agents. That was about it. She brought along DHS Secretary Mayorkas on that visit. It was a joke.

      The humanitarian crisis on the southern border feeds the cartels. The report refers to them as transnational criminal organizaations (TCOs). They profit handsomely from smuggling drugs and trafficking human beings across the border. Senate Republicans offer some suggestions to curb the flow of illegal immigration.

      The report also highlighted how “transnational crime, migration management, and border security issues” in Mexico and Central America have contributed to the influx of illegal immigrants on the southern border.

      “The Biden Administration’s disastrous immigration and border policies, combined with the growing numbers of outward migration from the Western Hemisphere and TCOs’ evolving human smuggling and trafficking tactics, have a detrimental impact on the safety and security of the United States,” the report read.

      The report called on the Biden administration to take several steps to stem the flow of illegal immigration across the southern border, beginning with strengthening border security.

      “Not only will stronger immigration controls protect our own national borders, but they will signal U.S. political will to meaningly address illegal immigration to governments in the region, and signal to TCOs and would-be illegal migrants that they cannot illegally enter the United States with impunity,” it read.

      The United States should also work with Mexico and Central America to improve regional security and migration management, the report stated.

      It doesn’t take a report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to alert Americans about the humanitarian crisis on the southern border – except maybe for Americans who absolutely never tune into Fox News. It is a crisis that has produced such tragedies as record numbers of unaccompanied minors crossing the border with adults to watch over them. Border Patrol agents encountered over 500 migrants in three large groups over the past four days. Officials said the were from Cuba and other Central and South American countries. There were 293 family members, 145 unaccompained children and 95 single adults. They were apprehended in Starr and Hidalgo countries, the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas. That number is just from the last four days.

      Apprehending and processing these large groups puts a strain on local Border Patrol agents and law enforcement.

      There is a lawsuit filed by Texas and Missouri that is moving through the legal system, Biden v. Texas, which is meant to stop the Biden administration from halting the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as the Remain in Mexico policy. Filings from that lawsuit are being pieced together by the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors tighter restrictions on immigration. The numbers coming from the filings are staggering.

      As part of the suit, the Department of Homeland Security has been required to produce information on how it handles illegal border crossers. How many are turned back? For what reason? How many are allowed to stay in the U.S.? The numbers, as Arthur has collected them, are troubling.

      The big number is that the Biden administration has admitted 1,049,532 illegal border crossers into the U.S. That is greater than the population of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, D.C., and the president’s home state of Delaware. It’s a lot of people. And remember, it is the total number of illegal border crossers allowed to stay in the U.S., not the total number caught at the border.

      The number is far, far bigger than in the past. “By way of comparison,” Arthur writes, “that [1,049,532] is more people released into the United States than the total number of migrants Border Patrol agents at the Southwest border apprehended in any given fiscal year between 2007 and 2020.”

      Worse yet, those numbers don’t include the got-aways, single adults and families, or unaccompanied minors. “So put together the three categories of illegal border crossers, the individual adult crossers and families allowed to stay, the unaccompanied children, and the got-aways, and the total number of illegal border crossers allowed to remain in the U.S. approaches 2 million, just since Biden entered the White House.”

      I hate to say it but none of this will change until something truly horrible happens on the border, something horrible like a terrorist attack. Biden refuses to ever admit any mistakes and he certainly never admits to producing bad policies. Sooner or later, our luck will run out. Biden just doesn’t care.

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      This Reporter is 100X More Ballsy Than Doocy… His Question’s So Hardcore, Biden Looks Catatonic

        I totally missed this little tidbit that happened last Thursday, when Biden signed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 into law during a ceremony in the State Dining Room of the White House.

        It’s not surprising that the media has avoided making any mention of this, so I apologize for the scarce info I’ve got.

        But what you’re about to see in “real-time” is the fear Joe Biden has about his son Hunter… You won’t see Joe get mad, and yell back at the reporter who asks a Hunter question — not this time — because this question is such a hot potato, that all Joe can do is sit there and look like a bigger, clueless dummy, than he usually does.

        Western Journal reported that as the president finished signing the legislation, a reporter asked him a question about a Russian billionaire who paid $3.5 million to Hunter Biden through the firm Rosemont Seneca Thornton in 2014, according to the Daily Caller.

        “Why haven’t you sanctioned Russian oligarch Elena Baturina who did business with your son?” the reporter said.

        Biden — who at first appeared to be confused — ignored the question, stood up from his desk and began talking to the suits hovering around him like flies.

        A reporter in the room then shouted a follow-up question: “Why have you stopped taking questions from the press?”

        And then another, “What are you afraid of?”


        Now, that is how you ask Joe Biden questions, right?

        Who was that masked man?

        I dunno…

        I wish I could tell you… but I don’t know who the reporter is. If I find out, you’ll be the first to know.

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        Biden ‘expert’ panel calls for even more federal control of health care

          Despite the evidence that the federal government’s recommendations and measures to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic have done more harm than good, a “bipartisan panel of health experts” is calling for a public health system overhaul that would give Washington even more authority over responses to future pandemics and other “health risks.”

          The New York Times reported the panel, the Commonwealth Fund Commission on a National Public Health System, said in a report released Tuesday the federal government should have more authority to set minimum health standards and coordinate a patchwork of nearly 3,000 state, local and tribal agencies.

          It also wants to address what it describes as the failures of public health agencies to protect Americans from health risks such as drug overdoses, diabetes and maternal mortality.

          Powerline blogger Steven Hayward noted he had predicted as the COVID pandemic developed in 2020 that before it was over, “we’d surely hear calls for a cabinet level ‘Department of Pandemic Planning’ or some other equivalent of the Department of Homeland Security that we set up in the aftermath of 9/11 to ‘coordinate’ government agency activity at all levels of government.”

          “Never mind,” Hayward continued, “the pretensions of centralized expertise, the belief in the magical powers of Washington to ‘coordinate,’ and the mission-creep (i.e., expanding the portfolio beyond pandemics to solve every other health problem by ‘address[ing] the failure of the nation’s public health agencies to protect Americans from other health risks’).”

          In practice, he said, it will mean “no more Floridas or any other state or local government bucking the demands of Saint Anthony Fauci,” referring to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director.

          Hayward said it’s the perfect example of what economist Robert Higgs called the “ratchet effect.”

          “For more than a century now, government has grown bigger in the urgency of a ‘temporary’ crisis of some kind, but somehow never recedes back to where it was before the crisis,” Hayward wrote.

          The failure of the government’s response to the pandemic is demonstrated in the more than 400 studies showing that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, school closures, masks and mask mandates have failed to curb virus transmission or reduce deaths.

          The list was compiled by a former adviser to the World Health Organization and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Paul Alexander.

          “These restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies,” Alexander wrote for the Brownstone Institute in an article in which he lists the studies.

          Alexander said that while nearly all governments have attempted compulsory measures to control the virus, the research shows that no government can claim they have had a “discernible impact” on “virus trajectories.”

          A study published in January 2021, for example, reported “in the framework of this analysis, there is no evidence that more restrictive nonpharmaceutical interventions (‘lockdowns’) contributed substantially to bending the curve of new cases in England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, or the United States in early 2020.”

          “We’ve known this for a very long time now,” Alexander said, “but governments continue to double down, causing misery upon people with ramifications that will likely take decades or more to repair.”

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          Abortion Activists Behind Attacks on Pro-Lifers, Issue New Threats

            A statement that appears to be from the violent pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge was posted online Tuesday, saying “the leash is off” for attacks on pro-life operations, declaring violence until pro-life groups shut down.

            The statement was posted to Abolition Media, an “online news source for revolutionary movements,” and promised violent attacks on pro-life organizations such as crisis pregnancy centers.

            “We promised to take increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures,” the statement said. “Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti. Sometimes you will see what we do, and you will know that it is us. Sometimes you will think you merely are unlucky, because you cannot see the ways which we interfere in your affairs.”

            Jane’s Revenge appeared to take credit for a Molotov cocktail attack on the offices of Wisconsin Family Action in May. Numerous other pregnancy centers have been attacked, including the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, which was recently vandalized in June with “Jane says revenge” spray-painted on the building.

            “Our recourse now is to defend ourselves and to build robust, caring communities of mutual aid, so that we may heal ourselves without the need of the medical industry or any other intermediary,” the statement reads. “Through attacking, we find joy, courage, and strip the veneer of impenetrability held by these violent institutions.”

            Another pregnancy center was vandalized with the words “Jane’s revenge” and “If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t either” in Lynwood, Washington, in May. Oregon Right to Life, a pro-life organization in Salem, Oregon, was attacked with Molotov cocktails last month.

            The statement comes after the group apparently posted a statement to Abolition Media on May 12 calling for pro-life groups to close their doors within the next 30 days, citing low “patience and mercy” for groups attempting to take away what “little autonomy” they have left.

            The group also posted a statement following the vandalization of several pro-life churches in Olympia, Washington, saying, “It’s easy and fun to attack.”

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            This USCIS Policy Change Will Reunite Vulnerable LGBTQ Refugee and Asylum Couples

            In February, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reversed Trump administration guidance that limited recognition of marriages performed abroad only to those considered “valid” in the country where they took place. This narrow interpretation of the “place-of-celebration” rule left many refugees and asylees without a way to reunite with their partners because they lacked formal proof or could not marry in their home countries or countries where they sought refuge before coming to the United States.

            This includes many LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers in committed, loving relationships.

            The new guidance directs the Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations (RAIO) office to return to the pre-Trump interpretation of the “place-of-celebration” rule. This original interpretation acknowledges that in many contexts abroad, romantic life partnerships may not be formalized—or worse—may be illegal. The memo recognizes that, “in certain circumstances, a spousal relationship may exist for the purpose of obtaining derivative refugee and/or asylee status if there is evidence of an informal marriage.”

            Eliminating the Trump-era guidance will likely help many refugees and asylees who may not have formal paperwork proving their spousal relationship. More importantly, this helps LGBTQ couples seeking refugee status who are unable to marry to assert the legitimacy of their committed relationships and reunite in the United States.

            The recognition of informal marriage as part of the “place-of-celebration” rule is so important to LGBTQ immigrants and Americans because family relationships are a basis for eligibility under U.S. immigration law.

            Although the Defense of Marriage Act previously barred federal recognition of same-sex marriage—including for immigrants—the Supreme Court struck down that law in 2012 in United States v. Windsor. This allowed LGBTQ U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to petition for their noncitizen spouses.

            But despite that decision, considerable ambiguity remained for LGBTQ noncitizens seeking refuge in the United States. Without recognizing informal marriages, refugees and asylees in committed same-sex relationships could remain separated indefinitely, until their partners could independently qualify to come to the U.S. or the couple could find a way to legally marry.

            Given the state of LGBTQ rights around the world, the importance of recognizing informal marriages—especially for those escaping threats, violence, and disaster—is even more evident.

            In around 70 countries, homosexuality is criminalized by law. In as many as 11, it is punishable by death. In many other countries, even if their identity isn’t illegal, LGBTQ people face a hostile and unsafe environment. Meanwhile, the list of the 31 countries where same-sex marriage is the law of the land is painfully short.

            Under the previous administration’s narrow interpretation of the “place-of-celebration” rule, only LGBTQ refugee and asylum seekers who had been married in one of those 31 countries could petition for their partners to join them. That would be a hollow accommodation given that these countries send few refugees and asylees to the United States.

            Data suggests that most LGTBQ asylum seekers come from countries where same-sex marriage is not legal.

            A 2021 report from the Williams Institute at UCLA showed that of the 11,400 LGBTQ people who filed for asylum between fiscal years 2012 and 2017, more than half of them (51.3%) came from Central America. This includes El Salvador (28.0%), Honduras (14.9%), and Guatemala (8.4%). In each of those countries, same-sex marriage is not legal and discrimination and violence toward LGBTQ people is widespread. Significant proportions of LGBQT asylum seekers also came from Ghana (7.8%), where male homosexuality is illegal.

            Restoring the pre-Trump-era interpretation of the “place of celebration” rule is a step in the right direction that offers hope for thousands of LGBTQ asylees and refugees seeking to reunite with their partners. Yet U.S. immigration policy for LGBTQ people still has significant ways to go.

            The new guidance only applies to refugee and asylum seekers. The narrower interpretation of the place-of-celebration rule still applies to other immigrants, including partners of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. This excludes those wed in common-law marriages as well as civil unions.

            As a result, many same-sex domestic partners would not be able to apply for family-dependent immigrant visas to the United States. This is not the case in Canada, which recognizes both common law marriages as well as civil unions. This means that a U.S. citizen living in Italy, where civil unions exist but not same-sex marriage, would not be able to bring their legal partner into the United States as family, although Canada would honor their committed relationship and admit them together.

            Going forward, the Biden administration should consider additional changes to the “place of celebration” rule to ensure that LGBTQ couples are not treated worse than opposite-sex couples.

            Investor response to Biden’s anti-oil policies is why we can’t get more gasoline

              Yes, we know. So does the White House and Joe Biden, who deliberately set those signals and might have even bragged about their results, had his fantasy energy ambitions come true. Instead, Biden’s blathering about corporate greed, while even normally sympathetic media outlets like the Washington Post are putting two and two together:

              The futility of the White House effort came through in the response to letters President Biden sent this week to the nation’s major oil companies, chastising them for squeezing “historically high profit margins” out of their refineries. “At a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable,” Biden wrote. Biden threatened to invoke emergency powers if the companies don’t bring prices down.

              The companies are unmoved. The profits follow years of heavy losses at many facilities after demand plunged during the pandemic. Unpredictable shifts in oil markets had created a challenging business climate before that. Even at this moment of windfall refinery earnings, when the profit margin on each barrel of oil processed has jumped from a dollar or two a year ago to as much as $18 today, investors are hardly jumping at the opportunity to enter the sector. They fear the profits are short lived. The administration’s environmental priorities — as well as rising public and corporate concern about climate change — would make many refineries obsolete in the not-too-distant future.

              Building and upgrading the mammoth structures is a messy, expensive undertaking that can drag on longer than a decade, strain the finances of even the biggest fossil fuel giants and run the risk of getting abandoned before that investment is returned. …

              The last major refinery to come online in the United States, in 1977, is the one owned by Marathon Oil in Garyville, La. It is capable of pumping out 578,000 barrels per day. Since it opened, more than half the refineries in the United States have closed.

              And why is that? And why haven’t we built more refineries? It’s not because the demand for gasoline has slaked off over the last 45 years, certainly. It’s because environmental activists have demanded more and more restrictions, with much higher costs, for building new refineries. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have amplified that hostility into regulatory policy. Joe Biden got elected while declaring that he’d block any new drilling, shut down pipeline construction to refineries, and start shutting down the oil and gas industries altogether.

              Would you invest any serious long-term capital into the oil and gas industry in that political environment? Of course not, especially after Biden made good on his campaign promises in his Executive Order 13990. If the oil and gas companies are “unmoved” by the potential demand, it’s because policies and regulation like this make it clear that any investment in expansion for fossil-fuel production and refining will end up getting destroyed. And deliberately so, as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted last week on CNN:

              BERMAN: Do you want – do you want – do you — five years from now, ten years from now, are you telling me you want them drilling for more oil, you want the refineries putting out more gasoline in five or ten years?

              GRANHOLM: What we’re saying is today we need that supply increased. Of course, in five or ten years – actually, in the immediate, we are also pressing on the accelerator, if you will, to move toward clean energy so that we don’t have to be under the thumb of petro dictators like Putin or at the whim of the volatility of fossil fuels.

              Ultimately, America will be most secure when we can rely upon our own clean, domestic production of energy through solar, through wind, through –

              BERMAN: But that’s the problem for these companies. These companies are saying, you know, you’re asking me to do more now, invest more now, when, in fact, five or ten years from now we don’t think that demand will there be [sic]. And the administration doesn’t even necessarily want it to be there.

              Small wonder that they’re putting profits back into the companies via stock buybacks, when they’re not just paying out dividends. No one will sink money into building a new refinery when it will take the better part of a decade just to jump through the regulatory and environmental hoops erected by Biden, all while Biden and his successors keep fighting to end the entire industry.

              By the way, the oil and gas industry does have a plan to revitalize and expand their ability to deliver gasoline. The American Petroleum Institute, the industry’s interest-group non-profit, released a ten-point plan that would allow for much higher capital commitments to extraction and refining, as well as support for a comprehensive all-in energy policy that includes renewables. In case anyone wants to keep asking, “where’s your plan?”, well, here it is:

              Given global circumstances, it is time for an energy awakening – for the natural gas and oil supply chain and the government at all levels to open a new era of working together to ensure that essential energy resources are unlocked; to encourage investment opportunities and accelerate infrastructure development; and to strengthen global energy security, affordability and reliability.

              Bottom line: Washington policymakers must confront the global mismatch between demand and supply that has driven higher fuel prices by supporting greater U.S. production. To address the growing crisis we face, Congress and the President must support energy investment, create new access and keep regulation from unnecessarily restricting energy growth. The world is calling out for energy leadership. America can and should step up fast.

              Will Biden and Granholm act to support this? Not on your life.

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              Pro-choice activists protest in front of Kavanaugh’s home after man arrested for threatening to kill him

              Pro-choice activists marched in front of the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Wednesday evening just hours after a man was charged with threatening to kill him. 

              In videos shared online, protesters – comprising members of the activist group “Ruth Sent US” – chanted slogans while banging drums and walking up and down the sidewalk. 

              “Keep your rosaries, off my ovaries,” the protesters could be heard chanting in call and response fashion while police stood on guard in front of Kavanaugh’s home. 

              26-year-old California man Nicholas John Roske was arrested early Wednesday near Kavanaugh’s house in Maryland after threatening to kill the justice. Police said he was carrying a gun, a knife and zip ties. 

              Later in the day federal prosecutors charged Roske with the attempted murder of a Supreme Court Justice. During a court hearing, he consented to remain in federal custody for now.

              Roske told police he was upset by a leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is about to overrule Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion case. He also said he was upset over the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, and believed Kavanaugh would vote to loosen gun control laws, the affidavit said.

              Throughout the day the pro-choice activist group, “Ruth Sent Us,” posted a series of tweets trying to distance themselves from “fundamentalists,” while also labeling Kavanaugh a “white supremacist.” 

              In another post, the group said it offered its “thoughts & prayers” to Justice Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley Kavanaugh. 

              In yet another, the group shared a screenshot of a Catholic billboard with a piece of paper taped onto it reading: “Chasing Justice in Chevy Chase,” featuring the faces of Justices Kavanaugh and John Roberts. 

              “A special message for Ashley Kavanaugh and your daughters – this billboard was on your school grounds. We feel for you,” the group tweeted. “@Leader McConnell and the GOP aren’t worried about your safety. They worry only for the expensive Supreme Court they rigged, and their own power. #SCOTUS.” 

              Abortion radicals imply threat to children of Supreme Court justices

                A radical pro-abortion organization has implied a threat to the spouses and children of Supreme Court justices, over the looming decision that could overturn the Roe v. Wade federalization of abortion regulation back in 1973.

                A draft opinion that was leaked from the court a few weeks ago suggested that a majority of the justices were aligned with that perspective – which would return regulation of the nation’s lucrative abortion industry to states.

                The court has launched an investigation into that leaker.

                And there have been organized – and sometimes threatening – protests at the homes of the justices already, accompanied by many instances of violence against pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation.

                But a report at PJMedia documents one group going over the line.

                The organization reported that just after “a deranged man traveled across the country with the intent of assassinating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a repugnant activist group calling itself Ruth Sent Us was putting targets on the backs of conservative justices’ children.”

                It was the same group that previously publicized the justices’ home addresses.

                “On Wednesday, Ruth Sent Us tweeted a smarmy parody of concern for Justice Kavanaugh and rejected taking any responsibility for inspiring the assassination attempt. Then the group went right over the line and brought his wife and children into the conversation,” PJMedia reported.

                The group said, on social media, “A special message for Ashley Kavanaugh and your daughters — this billboard was on your school grounds. We feel for you.”

                The message said, “@LeaderMcConnell and the GOP aren’t worried for your safety. They worry only for the expensive Supreme Court they rigged, and their own power. #SCOTUS.”

                PJMedia explained, “In other words, ‘We know where your kids are, we can get there any time, and no one will protect you.’”

                The group earlier told the public where Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s children go to school.

                The PJMedia report said, “Ruth Sent Us dances along the edges of Twitter’s safety rules. The platform prohibits violent threats, promotion of terrorism or violent extremism, and inciting harassment or violence. Pointing potentially violent people at a target with a wink and a nod is vile enough, but putting children in the crosshairs is inexcusable.”

                Content created by Bob Unruh

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                China’s Economy Is Collapsing. Here’s Why You Should Worry

                  Chinese ruler Xi Jinping has staked his rule on making China larger, by annexing neighbors. Taiwan is not his only target. He needs success to assure a precedent-breaking third term as the Communist Party’s general secretary, but the Chinese people, preoccupied by a failing economy, are in no mood for their leader’s aggression.

                  We start with the Party’s storyline that the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdowns is leading to an economic revival.

                  Don’t believe it. The ongoing downturn is not merely the result of disease-control measures. The most fundamental problem is that Xi has been reversing reforms and reinstituting strict state control. He is a totalitarian at heart.

                  The second-most fundamental problem is that China is carrying a staggering load of debt. The Bank of International Settlements estimated that the country’s debt was equal to about 290% of gross domestic product in late 2020, and there has subsequently been a rapid accumulation of indebtedness, during the pandemic. When adding the so-called “hidden debt” and deflating GDP to minimize the effect of inflated official reporting, the country’s ratio is now around 350%.

                  The debt, however large it may be, is distorting the economy, especially the crucial property sector, which accounts for about 30% of GDP. Home prices are declining country-wide, but, more worryingly, sales volumes are plunging. Home sales fell 34.5% in the first five months of this year compared with the same period last year. Property developers are defaulting one after another. One of them, Evergrande Group, is struggling under $305 billion in obligations.

                  Banks are troubled. There have been at least six bank runs since mid-April, in Henan and Anhui provinces. There are restrictions on deposit withdrawals elsewhere, including Shanghai, the financial capital. China’s banking system is showing the strain of an economy that looks like it is contracting.

                  Investors are fleeing. The bond market in May recorded its fourth-straight month of outflows as  investors chased higher yields in the U.S. The Chinese central bank cannot match the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes because higher rates in China would push the economy deeper into the red. The renminbi, not surprisingly, is trading at its lowest level in 20 months.

                  Beijing cannot expect others to come to the rescue by buying Chinese products, like they did in 2020. The world, unfortunately for the party, is headed into recession or worse. It will be a “calamity,” Charles Ortel of the “On the Money” podcast tells me. As he notes, “Not since the OPEC oil shock have global economic conditions been so unsettled.” With trends moving against Beijing, the world’s next great economic crisis will almost surely be China’s.

                  Why should we care? For decades, the primary basis of legitimacy of the Communist Party has been the continual delivery of prosperity. Now, because of the accelerating downturn, the Party’s only remaining basis of legitimacy is nationalism.

                  Chinese foreign policy since 1949, when the Communist Party came to power, has had one overarching goal: the maintenance of Party rule. Therefore, the world should expect Beijing to engage in even more nationalistic behavior to justify its existence.

                  In fact, the Party is increasingly belligerent. The Chinese military, for instance, violated sovereign Taiwan airspace in February and in late May intercepted and damaged an Australian reconnaissance plane in international airspace over the South China Sea. This month, General Wei Fenghe, the defense minister, made threatening public comments directed against the United States during the high-profile Shangri-La Dialogue, a security conference in Singapore.

                  Yet Communist Party aggressors face a fundamental problem, something evident from their unwillingness to come clean about battlefield losses. It took them eight months to admit they had suffered four dead from a sneak attack they launched against India’s forces in June 2020 in Ladakh in the Himalayas. Chinese officials, according to both Indian and Russian estimates, undercounted the dead by a factor of 11.

                  The skittishness of the regime suggests its leaders know that the Chinese people, suffering from an economic downturn, are in no mood for another military misadventure abroad. A combined air-sea assault on Taiwan, even if successful, would result in massive Chinese casualties.

                  Xi Jinping, however, wants to march on neighbors, so peace in Asia depends in large measure on whether the Chinese people are able to restrain him. The millennia-old contest between China’s rulers and its people has never been more consequential.

                  Gordon G. Chang is the author of The Coming Collapse of China. Follow him on Twitter @GordonGChang

                  Content created by Gordon G. Chang

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                  Pelosi’s So Lost and Confused, She Doesn’t Even Know What Year it is

                    We need term limits.

                    I saw a meme today, that you’ve got to see. On one side is a photo of Dianne Feinstein when she first arrived in DC and the other is a picture of what she looked like when she finally left.

                    It’s unreal.

                    Why are we allowing these senile, confused old coots to run our country and ruin our lives?

                    And it’s not just Joe Biden who is waffling in a confused tapioca-pudding haze.

                    Nancy Pelosi is right there with him… I don’t know what’s wrong with her — if it’s too much vodka, or she’s just so old and senile that she can’t think straight anymore, but today, during a moment talking with the press, Pelosi completely lost track of what year it was and announced that we’re still in Iraq, fighting.


                    Good Lord, woman, the U.S. declared an end to the war in Iraq on December 15, 2011, nearly ten years after the fighting began.

                    It’s now 2022… what the hell is Nancy Pelosi thinking?

                    Clearly, she’s not thinking…

                    I love what this guy, who goes by the handle “Rising Serpent” said in a tweet: “Gin soaked lampshade with enough Botox to kill an entire army has zero grasp on reality and thinks the US is still fighting a war in Iraq.”


                    Scary stuff, right?

                    She’s 3rd in line for the White House, behind an Alzheimer’s patient and a complete and total dolt.

                    But this is the country and the life that globalists want for you.. a bunch of feeble-minded elderly people with cognitive issues and drinking problems running the show, and mindlessly implementing the radical agenda of communists who are pulling their strings.

                    Don’t you think we deserve better than this?

                    Why are we allowing this to go on? I wouldn’t let Nancy or Joe housesit my plastic plants, yet they have all of this control over my country and my life?

                    It makes zero sense… we need to get these career politicians out of DC before they kill all of us.

                    Content created by Sophie O’Hara

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                    Biden hands off another job to Kamala

                      Is it because Kamala’s done such a great job on all her other assignments? C’mon, man. Even though Kamala Harris has shown no aptitude for carrying out the other tasks that Joe Biden has given her, she now has another one on her list of things to do. The White House is launching a task force to address online harassment and abuse. Biden put Kamala in charge.

                      The White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse will be announced Thursday by the vice-president. Is it a nod to Pride Month that the announcement comes now? The focus of the task force includes abuse and harassment of women, girls, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people. The White House says that these groups of people are ‘disproportionately’ affected by online harassment. Sorry, men. Apparently the White House doesn’t think you are also harassed online. That seems kind of sexist, doesn’t it? It just seems like odd timing, given that online harassment is nothing new and Melania Trump even included the topic in her Be Best initiative.

                      Yesterday during a Pride Month celebration at the White House, Biden signed an executive order – an ‘historic’ executive order – to advance LGBTQ+ equality. That ought to do it, Joe. Anyway, the White House sent out a facts sheet on the proclamation and pronounced Biden’s action as historic. Biden claims he has done a lot to advance LGBTQ+ equality but he frequently pads his resume. But, the event gave him a chance to once again bring up the “Ultra MAGA” agendas of Republican-controlled states which he claim discriminate against Americans using legislation.

                      After Biden and Harris make the announcement about the task force, Kamala will hold its first meeting. If Kamala treats this assignment as she does her others, it will likely be the only meeting of the task force. Kamala is bringing along a celebrity guest. Sloane Stephens, a black U.S. tennis player who has faced racist abuse online, will attend Thursday’s launch with Harris. I guess BTS wasn’t available this time.

                      The Gender Policy Council and the National Security Council will co-chair the task force, whose members include Cabinet officials like Attorney General Merrick Garland, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and other agency heads and officials, as well as advocates and survivors.

                      The initiative, which fulfills a campaign promise Biden made, has been charged with developing recommendations for Congress, state governments and private entities, as well as policies for the federal government. It is to provide its suggestions and recommendations within 180 days of its launch.

                      The task force will use the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde as examples of online radicalization and a lack of response to online threats. The language used in describing the initiative is vague, as often happens with the Biden White House. Biden makes sweeping generalizations in hopes of looking like he is doing something but nothing much happens. It’s all posturing.

                      The recommendations, according to the senior administration official, will focus on increasing support for survivors of online harassment and abuse, expanding research into the problem, improving prevention efforts and strengthening accountability for offenders and for platforms. The official noted that the administration believes it’s crucial to understand the “nexus between online misogyny and radicalization to violence,” noting recent mass violence like the Buffalo, New York, supermarket shootings.

                      “The tragic events in Buffalo and Uvalde have underscored a fact known all too well by many Americans: the internet can fuel hate, misogyny, and abuse with spillover effects that threaten our communities and safety offline,” a fact sheet on the initiative reads.

                      The task force is not zeroing in on any particular technology platform but rather “on the role of platforms and social media more generally,” according to the senior official. The official added that they are focused on “illegal conduct” online.

                      Root causes, right, Kamala? It would be good to know what this administration means by “illegal conduct” online. It doesn’t seem to me that a federal task force will change much of anything, except perhaps to limit free speech of those with whom they disagree. there is no mention past offering recommendations to the president that the task force will produce. I imagine this project will have the same results as the others given to Kamala.

                      What are your thoughts on the story? Let us know in the comments below!

                      Man who robbed Barberton couple likely the same man shot and killed while trying to rob Akron man

                      BARBERTON, Ohio (WOIO) – A man says a robber held a gun to his head on Hazelwood Street in Barberton on Sunday night.

                      He and his girlfriend were walking around at about 9 p.m. when the suspect approached them from behind.

                      “I was calm, but I was scared,” she said.

                      They say they gave him their phones, but he was demanding money.

                      “I gave him everything, and he still was pressing. He still had the gun,” the victim said.

                      In that moment, a neighbor happened to pull up.

                      “I don’t know what the outcome would have been if this guy didn’t show up,” his girlfriend said.

                      The couple says the suspect took off.

                      According to a police report that was taken four miles away in Akron, 22-year-old Jontae Alexander tried to rob a man on Rhodes Avenue, about an hour after the couple called for help.

                      But in the second case, the 27-year-old victim Alexander allegedly went after was also armed.

                      When police arrived, he told officers he shot Alexander, but before he died, Alexander shot back, hitting him in the arm and his side.

                      Akron police told 19 News they’d been working with Barberton police to determine if Alexander is the same man who robbed the couple.

                      Tuesday, the couple says detectives brought over pictures of Alexander and they showed him the hoodie he was wearing that night.

                      “Instantly both of us were like: that’s the same hoodie,” the first victims said. “We knew right then and there it was him.”

                      They say police told them his name was Jontae Alexander.

                      19 News looked into his past. He has faced several drug and stolen property charges.

                      Police say as of right now no charges will be pressed against the man who shot Alexander.

                      Parent Sues School for Curriculum That Allegedly Discriminates Against White Students

                        A parent is suing their child’s school district and its individual administrators in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, for teaching an educational curriculum that allegedly promotes “anti-racism” and discriminates against white students, according to legal documents.

                        The parent, listed as B.L. for privacy, is suing Mountain Lakes School District for certain parts of its curriculum put in place since the murder of George Floyd in 2020 that allegedly teach “racial political ideology” and create a “hostile educational environment” for white students, according to the lawsuit filed on June 6.

                        White students, and particularly one student listed as J.L. for privacy, have been allegedly discriminated against because of race, the lawsuit says.

                        Former Mountain Lakes High School Principal Frank Sanchez allegedly sent an email and a pamphlet to parents in June 2020 that said there was “institutionalized racism” within the school district, according to legal documents. Sanchez allegedly called the pamphlet a “curriculum post” he planned to refine by adding articles for parents on how to address “the lack of equity in America.”

                        Sanchez also allegedly encouraged students with a “call to arms” to attend Black Lives Matter protests, the suit claimed. White students, the suit said, were allegedly being taught about their “roles in perpetuating racism” and when the plaintiff brought concerns to the school, they were allegedly ignored.

                        “I provided my students and parents with resources for them to be able to have conversations with their children about such a traumatic event they witnessed, home alone,” Sanchez told NJ.com. “I find the complaint is not honest. It’s not something that should be taken seriously by the courts.”

                        Sanchez did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

                        The suit also pushes for government funds to be withheld from the school district until it halts “discriminatory practices.” Discrimination based on race is a violation of federal law.

                        Content created by Reagan Reese

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                        ‘How About Banning Fentanyl?’: Tucker Unloads on Biden’s Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

                          Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded off on the Biden administration’s plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars Thursday.

                          “We are in the middle of a drug crisis, how about banning fentanyl from China?” Carlson asked. “Why are you hassling tobacco? What is this about and why menthol?”

                          “So, yeah, okay, smoking is bad, smoking is about number 100 on the list of bad things that people are doing right now and putting into the bodies,” Carlson said.

                          Drug overdoses killed nearly 108,000 Americans in 2021, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Approximately 71,000 deaths were attributed to opioids, including fentanyl.

                          Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used to treat patients experiencing severe pain after surgery and can be up to 100 times more potent than morphine, according to the National Institutes of Health.

                          The Food and Drug Administration proposed a ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars in April. Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the move would “significantly reduce tobacco-related health disparities.”

                          “According to the ACLU, [who] we don’t normally quote because they are a joke, but they make a good point, they say, this law would trigger criminal penalties which disproportionately impact people of color,” Carlson said.

                          Black smokers overwhelmingly use menthol cigarettes, according to The New York Times, which noted that some civil rights advocates raised concerns about the ban.

                          “It’s all very bizarre and probably really bad,” Carlson said.

                          The FDA and White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

                          Content created by Harold Hutchison

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                          Employees of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show arrested in the House office building last night

                            Talk about a comedy bit gone wrong. Fox News is reporting that a group of people associated with the Late Show with Stephen Colbert were arrested last night near Rep. Lauren Boebert’s office after reports of a disturbance. The story was spelled out on Twitter by congressional reporter Chad Pergram:

                            Jesse Watters opened his show tonight with a segment on the arrests. He added a couple of additional points. First, the group was filming a skit which is why they were banging on the doors of various Republicans. Robert Smigel, who was one of the people arrested, is the comic best known for doing interviews at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Watters also reported on some of the other arrestees. Jake Plunkett is a senior producer. Allison Martinez is an associate producer. Josh Comers is a writer. Watters also reported the group had been let into the building by Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Jake Auchincloss.

                            People on the right are already having fun with this. Watters noted these folks could be charged with the same crime as some of the Jan. 6 rioters. Others are just pointing and laughing.

                            Of course comedians make jokes for a living but the connection of Rep. Schiff seems pretty tone deaf if it’s confirmed. I don’t see anything from him on Twitter yet confirming or denying it. But obviously if you’re trying to convince the nation that this was a deadly serious insurrection which should result in serious repercussions, bringing Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in to film a skit doesn’t really convey the proper sense of gravitas. Here’s the report from Jesse Watters.

                            What are your thoughts on the story? Let us know in the comments below!

                            The Donbass is Nearly Totally Controlled by Russia as Ukraine Closes in on Victory

                              As the valiant and totally destroyed Ukrainian military prepares for their final assault on Moscow, they continue to lose territory at a rapid and totally humiliating pace.

                              This is the price of victory.

                              Russia and its allies have made more progress towards fully capturing the Donbass, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported on Tuesday. Some 15 communities were recently taken, including Svyatogorsk – the town where Ukrainian forces allegedly torched a wooden church as they retreated last week.

                              Svyatogorsk is located on the left bank of the Severny Donets river and is claimed by the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) as part of its territory. Last week, the Skete of All Saints, a historic wooden monastery located in the town, was torched and burned to the ground. Russia accused Ukrainian forces of deliberately setting it on fire to cover their retreat. Ukrainian officials blamed Russian troops for the incident.

                              Say what you want about the Ukrainians, but you can’t say they don’t have class.

                              Torching a church on the way out during a retreat is pure class.

                              It’s like in Mariupol when they just started shelling civilian apartment buildings for no reason. These are some very smooth operators.

                              On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukrainian troops had blown up a bridge in the same area, cutting the shortest road connection between the main northern part of the settlement and the rest of the DPR territory. Svyatogorsk is located on the border between the two Donbass republics.

                              Russia and its allies have made more progress towards fully capturing the Donbass, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported on Tuesday. Some 15 communities were recently taken, including Svyatogorsk – the town where Ukrainian forces allegedly torched a wooden church as they retreated last week.

                              Svyatogorsk is located on the left bank of the Severny Donets river and is claimed by the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) as part of its territory. Last week, the Skete of All Saints, a historic wooden monastery located in the town, was torched and burned to the ground. Russia accused Ukrainian forces of deliberately setting it on fire to cover their retreat. Ukrainian officials blamed Russian troops for the incident.

                              On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukrainian troops had blown up a bridge in the same area, cutting the shortest road connection between the main northern part of the settlement and the rest of the DPR territory. Svyatogorsk is located on the border between the two Donbass republics.

                              According to Shoigu, Russian and allied troops seized 15 communities near the river as they advanced against Ukrainian forces. He claimed that the successes had resulted in the “liberation” of 97% of the territory claimed by the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR).

                              So you’re saying the Ukraine still has 3%?

                              And from that 3% they will begin their counteroffensive.

                              Glory to Ukraine, the nation of such victory.

                              The minister claimed that all residential areas of Severodonetsk were now under Russian control, with fighting restricted to the industrial outskirts of the city. With Ukrainian soldiers continuing to surrender, the total number of POWs has reached 6,489, he said.

                              Severodonetsk is the home of the Kiev-appointed administration of the Lugansk region, which is contested by the Russian-recognized LPR. The city saw intensive fighting in recent weeks as LPR militias and Russian troops advanced.

                              Officials in Kiev claimed last week that Russian troops had been allowed to enter the city before a massive counterattack that was intended to obliterate them. Sergey Gaiday, the head of the Kiev-allied administration, claimed that Ukrainian troops managed to reclaim as much as half of the city at one point, but had to retreat later.

                              Let them take the city so you can trap them.


                              This is the entire Ukraine strategy, and the entire Donbass is one big trap – just waiting to be sprung.

                              Ukraine is winning so hard.

                              Some experts believe that the events unfolding in Severodonetsk resemble those in Mariupol, a major port in the territory now controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The city’s defenders sheltered at the Azovstal plant for weeks after being cut off from the main Ukrainian forces before finally surrendering. The same may happen with the Severodonetsk garrison and the Azot chemical plant, analysts have warned.

                              The Russian minister said that Mariupol, which the DPR fully seized last month, was gradually returning to peaceful life. The port has started receiving cargo ships again, while its public services are repairing city utilities like the water distribution system and the power grid.

                              The Defense Ministry and Russian railway monopoly RZhD “have created the conditions to resume full transit between Russia, Donbass, Ukraine and Crimea,” Shoigu said. He said that shipments were already going to Mariupol, Berdyansk and Kherson. The latter two destinations are located in Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine. The minister said the reconstruction of railways covered some 1,200km of tracks.

                              So, Russia is rapidly repairing the captured territories that the Ukrainians destroyed, and is quickly getting the trains running. This will lead to the population begging for the Ukrainians to come back in and destroy everything. Because if there is one thing Ukrainians love, it is democracy. And by democracy, I mean human rights. And by human rights, I mean gay sex classes for kindergartners.

                              People crave gay sex for 5-year-olds. It’s why America is so popular. They are the ones who came up with the idea of teaching anal fisting to kindergartners.

                              The more Russia rebuilds, the greater the coming Ukraine victory will be when they move in to totally destroy everything for a second time.

                              Zelensky has this all figured out. When the Donbass is fully secured, and life is back to normal – that will be the time for his counter-offensive, which will deal the crushing blow.

                              The appeasers can rot.

                              The only possibility now is total Ukraine victory, and a glorious march on Moscow.

                              Content created by Andrew Anglin

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                              Proud Boys probed for ‘hate crime’ after crashing drag event targeting kids

                                If you like WND, get the news that matters most delivered directly to your inbox – for FREE!

                                Members of the Proud Boys group are the subjects of a “hate crime” investigation in California for shutting down a drag-queen reading event for children at a local library.

                                The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office responded Saturday to a report of a disturbance at the San Lorenzo Library where a “Drag Queen Story Hour” was taking place in front of children, parents and other community members.

                                The Bay Area’s KTVU-TV reported a group of five men described as members of the Proud Boys organization entered the library and disrupted the event as drag queen Panda Dulce was set to read to a group of children.

                                She told the station the Proud Boys called her “a groomer” and “a pedophile.”

                                The sheriff’s office said in a statement that the men “began to shout homophobic and transphobic slurs at the event organizer.”

                                More officers have been deployed to the library. On Tuesday, KTVU said, “a handful of officers were seen keeping an eye on Pride activities, including a button- making and keychain class called ‘Show Your Pride.’”

                                The area is represented in Congress by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, who was scheduled to visit the library Wednesday.

                                Five members of the Proud Boys were indicted on the rare charge of seditious conspiracy days before the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol Riots held its prime time hearing. The panel presented its theory that the the Proud Boys were the key perpetrators of an “insurrection” who moved at President Trump’s purported “command” during a presidential debate to “stand back and stand by.”

                                ‘We’re not going to stand down’
                                Alameda County Sheriff’s Lt. Ray Kelly said the office has received hundreds of emails and calls from people nationwide and the library has received threats.

                                “There’s been a lot of nasty messages, emails and phone calls, but we’re not going to stand down from providing a safe space for every member of our community,” Kelly told KTVU.

                                Acknowledging a fine line between free speech and hate, the officer said it will be up to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office to determine if any crime was committed.

                                For 25 years, WND has boldly brought you the news that really matters. If you appreciate our Christian journalists and their uniquely truthful reporting and analysis, please help us by becoming a WND Insider!

                                Sue Granzella, a former elementary school teacher in San Lorenzo, said the Proud Boys intervention was “shameful.”

                                “One of the beautiful things about working with young children is you get a big sense of hope for the world and you see how inclusive and accepting children can be and then we see how awful and intolerant adults can be,” she told KTVU.

                                The sheriff’s office said in its statement that it will “dedicate all resources to ensure the safety of members of our LGBTQ community.”

                                “We will make sure any future events at the library are safe against hate speech and threats of violence,” the ACSO said.

                                “As we celebrate Pride Month, we will be swift in our response to any incidents where there are threats to harm members of this community.”

                                See video of the incident:

                                Content created by Art Moore

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                                Not Even CNN Could Spin Biden’s Latest Poll Numbers As Anything But A Disaster

                                  President Joe Biden faces “awful” poll numbers for the upcoming midterm elections which could be devastating for Democrats’ hopes, CNN’s senior data reporter told host Anderson Cooper Tuesday evening.

                                  “I compare it to Carter at this point in his presidency,” Harry Enten told Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “Look at the disapproval rating Joe Biden has on inflation right now. It’s over 70%. Carter was not even there at this point in mid-1978.”

                                  Enten pointed to polling data from ABC News/Ispos showing Biden had a 71% disapproval rating for handling inflation compared to what Enten claimed was Carter’s 66% disapproval rating in 1978.

                                  “When you’re doing worse than Jimmy Carter’s doing in the minds of Americans on inflation, you know they’re holding you responsible for the conditions that are currently on the ground that are hurting Americans in their pocketbooks,” Enten said.

                                  Enten noted that monthly consumer sentiment was the worst since the University of Michigan began tracking it in 1952, with 1980 posting the second and third worst measurements.

                                  The Consumer Price Index increased by 8.6% year-over-year in May, the highest since 1981, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average price for a gallon of gas is over $5, AAA reported.

                                  “On the generic congressional ballot, we’re going back to 1938, this is the best – I repeat – the best Republican position on the generic congressional ballot basically of all time at this point in a midterm cycle,” Enten said. “And if you look at any other ones that are anywhere close, 2010, 1998, 2002, who won in those midterms? All of them resulted in Republican majorities.”

                                  The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

                                  Content created by Harold Hutchison

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                                  If Jesus had had an AR-15, maybe his government wouldn’t have killed him

                                    Seems blasphemous.

                                    After all, if our lord could make water into wine, surely he could have chosen to make a slingshot into an AR-15.

                                    Imagine how bad-ass he would have been, armed with divine powers *and* an assault rifle. He could have taken out half the Roman army in Jerusalem singlehandedly.

                                    I watched this and laughed, thinking Boebert was making an absurdist joke. And a pretty decent one! It’s the same premise as the “Gandhi II” skit in “UHF,” essentially. But the clip got more than a million views and some unwelcome attention online because no one’s sure. (One Christian site allowed that she was joking but found the joke “pretty troubling.”) The MAGAs in Congress believe some comically outlandish things, remember. How can you tell when they’re being absurd on purpose versus by accident?

                                    The other reason some are taking her at face value is because Boebert’s support for gun rights bleeds into gun fetishism. She named her business “Shooters Grill,” campaigned for Congress with a Glock on her hip, displayed her AR-15s during congressional Zoom hearings, and had her four young kids brandishing assault rifles in a Christmas photo. If there’s anyone who might be prone to fantasizing about the Son of God shooting his way out of the Garden of Gethsemane, it’s her.

                                    It’s been 30 years since I’ve read the Bible but I do remember the passage in which one of Jesus’s disciples cuts off the ear of one of the men attempting to arrest him. “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus instructs him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?” An armed insurrection by the Apostles would have prevented the crucifixion and resurrection, thwarting the redemption of mankind. Not great.

                                    But that’s the point of Boebert’s joke, as I took it. Just because she’s a little nutty and has exalted firearms as a supreme culture-war totem doesn’t mean she lacks a sense of humor or doesn’t understand the gospels.

                                    Then again, shoehorning the Passion into a banal “cancel culture” framework does make me wonder:

                                    The image of Jesus wielding an AR-15 is actually tailor-made for the post-liberal New Right, which finds Christian nationalism very groovy, baby. The term “Christian nationalist” traditionally has carried negative connotations because Christianity doesn’t need nationalism to prop it up. Just ask the vast majority of American Christians who aren’t nationalists. As such, when political actors strain to meld the two concepts, that’s a strong clue that they’re less interested in the Christianity part and more interested in the nationalism, hoping to lend some religious gravitas to their policy preferences. The average Christian, I think, would call themselves a Christian first and a political actor second. The Christian nationalist … doesn’t order things so neatly, let’s say.

                                    Anyway, the negative connotations are out the window. “Christian nationalists” are increasingly out and proud:

                                    I’d be curious to know if Marge Greene finds any tension between her Christian beliefs and her political beliefs (say, on immigration) or if she thinks one leads inexorably to the other in all particulars. Is MAGA inerrant, in other words?

                                    One last point about Boebert’s joke. During the post-election period in 2020, some of Trump’s most famous supporters wanted him to use military power to overturn the election. Mike Flynn called for “limited martial law” to conduct a do-over vote of the vote. Others urged Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act. That’s the closest we’ve come in my lifetime to the U.S. government turning the military against the people, the scenario cited by Boebert for needing an AR-15. Question, then: If Trump had actually listened to Flynn and the rest and imposed martial law, whose side do we think gun-loving patriot Lauren Boebert would have been on? Whose side would Greene have been on? The idea of the Second Amendment as a bulwark against government fascism only works if you’re prepared to use your weapons to resist that fascism rather than support it.

                                    For an extreme example, look no further than Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers. Rhodes was once so committed to defending civil liberties from government encroachment that he worked for Ron Paul. He’s now charged with seditious conspiracy for his role in the insurrection, which followed a period in which he openly called on Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and vowed that the Oath Keepers were “stationed outside D.C. as a nuclear option” if he did. This guy was seemingly prepared to use his own members as shock troops to *abet,* not prevent, a fascist power grab. The next time a Boebert or Greene warns that they have their assault rifles standing by in case of armed conflict between the feds and the American people, ask yourself which side their rifles would be pointed at.

                                    What are your thoughts on the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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