One Trump Supporter Has a Prediction About What Dems Will Pull Off Three Months Before Midterms

    The midterms are going to be a political bloodbath.

    Everyone knows it, even the Dems.

    The question now is, what will they do about it?

    Because after what happened in 2020, we know they won’t just sit there and lose quietly.

    As we saw before, they’ll start a plague to keep the gravy train going.

    So, we know that something will happen before midterms… the question is what will it be?

    Well, one Trump supporter thinks he knows.

    He says that a few months before midterms, COVID, BLM, and Antifa will resurface.

    Do you agree with that prediction, or do you think something else will happen?

    Here’s what people online are saying about this prediction:

    “I dunno about that. BLM/Antifa are tools used to make Republicans in power look bad. They don’t act up when Democrats are in power. And although Democrats desperately need to use Covid to allow all mail-in voting again, people are sick of lockdowns/masks, so might backfire too.”

    “I have my doubts. Too played out. My money is on war.”

    “Without a doubt. They’ll go back to what they know works… fear and power.” 

    “This, is highly likely to be correct.”

    “Covid is already trying to bring back the election variant…”

    “Intimidation will NOT sway Americans away from core beliefs & values”

    “C0vid sure but BLM and Antifa aren’t needed for the narrative. They’re on vacation.”

    “Yep. Clinton, Psaki, and Obama already started the COVID trend.”

    “Your right. Then Biden will envoke Martial Law, we will all be forced to vote by mail! More fraud is coming!”

    I think they’ll try to bring COVID back, and while they won’t be able to get a nationwide lockdown again, they may get some key cities to work with them and bust out the mail-in ballots.

    We’ll see what happens, but one thing is for sure, they will have something up their sleeve.

    Expect the unexpected. 

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