Palestine And Israel On-Going War

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    The most controversial debate orbiting in the Muslim world these days is of accepting Israel as a legitimate state. Many Muslims both personally and collectively have contradictory stances regarding this fact. However, the controversy of Israel and Palestine dates back to the 17th Century.

    Back in the 17th century, the Zionist Movement was founded by the Jews with a motto that the Holy Land of Jerusalem and the area around it belongs to them. The sole purpose of the Movement was to take the control of Palestine from the Ottoman Empire – sovereign ruler at that time.

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    With the end of World War 1, the reign of the Ottoman Empire ended over Palestine and the British took over. It was the time when the mass movement of Jews was aided by the British which excelled extensively due to the persecution inflicted upon the Jews during World War 2.

    In 1948 history was made; when the beaten and persecuted Jews from all over the World settled in Palestine. Moreover, they declared the area as Israel. Consequently, the neighboring Islamic countries did not accept this new Jewish State at once.

    This led to a series of skirmishes and armed conflicts between the new Jewish settlers and the Muslims already thriving in and around Palestine. The Arab states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria initiated armed retaliation against the so-called Israel in the years 1948, 1967, and 1973. Additionally, they suffered defeat every time. During these wars, some states lost parts of their territories as well.

    The fruitless armed efforts did not make Israel give up its control over the captured territories of Palestine. However, the opposite happened and the Palestinian settlements shrank and were confined to the small areas of Gaza and the West Bank.

    A bold step was taken by Anwar Sadat the former President of Egypt – who was the first Muslim head of the State. He visited Israel and accepted it as a State. After failing in armed conquests three times Sadat developed his policy of reconciliation with a vision to resolve the issue of illegal occupation of Israel through talks and diplomacy.

    The step taken by Anwar Sadat almost four decades ago is acting as a building block for all the Muslim Nations to come out of the emotional paradigm. Additionally, it acted as a stepping stone to accept Israel as a state. Subsequent to which it can be brought to the table of talks and forced to let go of the land which belongs to the Palestinian People.

    Things are moving forward in that matter as UAE has accepted Israel as a State in 2020. In addition to it, UAE has also resumed all diplomatic relations with it. Many other members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation are on the verge of resuming ties with Israel in an effort to resolve matters diplomatically and civilly.

    A conclusion can be drawn out of the stated facts that leading through wars and armed means in an effort to end the Israel- Palestine conflict is impossible. Peace, tranquillity, and an imminent solution to the issue can be brought only by resuming diplomatic ties and discussing it out with Israel.

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