Preet Bharara: Liar Giuliani is screwed

    It’s hard to imagine anyone staining their reputation as bad as Rudy Giuliani has. At one point, he was a revered Mayor or one of the biggest cities in America.

    Fast forward 20 years and the Trump lawyer was holding a news conference next to a sex shop. There was also the humiliating appearance in the latest Borat film.

    Giuliani’s apartment was recently raided by the FBI and he could be in major trouble. One would think that the FBI would be interested in hearing what he has to say about Donald Trump.

    But Preet Bharara, the renowned former US Attorney was asked about Giuliani’s situation during an interview with Jake Tapper Interestingly enough, both men were prominent US Attorneys in the Southern District of New York.

    Bharara told the host:

    “We saw … Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen never was tied up by the Southern District of New York. He made it clear he wanted to help, but perhaps they didn’t trust his willingness. Giuliani would have to come clean about not just himself, but members of his family, political allies and Donald Trump and everyone else and not everyone, even if you want to save your own skin, is up to that task. It’s a significant thing to do. Rudy Giuliani seems to have changed a lot in the last period of years, so — and he’s unpredictable in some measure.”

    The former US Attorney then opined that he thinks Giuliani would be willing to flip. “Look,” he said, “Giuliani has been quoted with that remark … saying ‘I have insurance’ in the context of good-faith listeners suggesting that he has information about Donald Trump. What else would he have been talking about when he referred to insurance in that context?”

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