Remember Rush Limbaugh As The Hateful Racist Misogynist Who Divided America

    Rush Limbaugh was one of the people most responsible for spreading racism, misogyny and making America a more divided nation.

    Limbaugh pioneered the model that would later be used by Fox News and politically operationally weaponized by Donald Trump. Limbaugh will always be remembered for his racist attacks on Barack and Michelle Obama, but Limbaugh’s racism didn’t end when Obama took office. He called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uppity.

    Limbaugh mocked Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease:

    However, it was the Sandra Fluke scandal that ended Limbaugh’s time as a relevant political media figure. Limbaugh launched a series of sexist attacks on Fluke that finally brought his vile behavior to the public eye. A prolonged advertiser boycott led to Limbaugh’s show being dumped or demoted around the country. Limbaugh and the stations that carried him lost millions and millions of dollars, and the earthquake that a popular rebellion caused killed the right-wing talk radio format.

    Trump used his final State Of The Union to give the Medal of Freedom to Limbaugh, which was an attempt by Trump to gimmick his way to reelection.

    Rush Limbaugh will be mourned by his family and friends, but he was not a great American. Limbaugh was a man who profited off of spreading hate. He used his platform to make a less united and more divided country.

    We should remember Rush Limbaugh for what he really was and make sure that none of his kind again rise to soil and stain the fabric of our nation.

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