Russia Collusion Hoax:White House Press Corps Fails to question Jake Sullivan

    The White House press corps failed Tuesday to ask National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan about his role in the Russia collusion hoax, despite a recent indictment that suggests Sullivan was untruthful with Congress about what he knew.

    As Breitbart News reported last year, Sullivan was implicated in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and admitted to Congress under oath in 2017 that he had briefed reporters about his suspicions of “collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign.

    Sullivan also testified, under questioning from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), that he believed former NSA Michael Flynn had conspired with the Russian government — claims that earlier led to Flynn’s ouster. Ironically, Sullivan now holds Flynn’s job.

    Shortly before Election Day in 2016, Sullivan issued a press statement claiming that Trump had a “secret hotline” to Russia via Alfa Bank. Subsequent investigations by U.S. authorities determined that the Alfa Bank conspiracy theory was false.

    Last month, Special Counsel John Durham indicted former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman for allegedly lying to the FBI by covering up his ties to the Clinton campaign when he fed information to the FBI about the Alfa Bank allegations.

    The indictment notes that Sussman exchanged information about the Alfa Bank allegations with Clinton’s “foreign policy advisor,” who was Sullivan.

    But Sullivan told Congress he did not know about the origins of the Alfa Bank conspiracy theory, and that he did not know that Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias, who paid for Fusion GPS to develop the false Russia “dossier,” were working for the campaign.

    That, wrote legal scholar Jonathan Turley, raises the possibility of perjury.

    Sullivan last addressed the White House press briefing in August. Despite new revelations about his role in the Russia hoax, which make him a “possible target” of Durham’s inquiry, according to Turley, Sullivan was not asked about the issue at all.

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