Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Deliver GOP State Of The Union Rebuttal

    Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will give the GOP’s response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address on Feb. 7, GOP leadership announced Thursday.

    Sanders’ “Republican Address to the Nation” will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas, following the president’s speech, according to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

    “Americans are still struggling from inflation, a border crisis, record crime, and a failing school system. As House Republicans work to fix these problems in Congress with our Commitment to America, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is addressing them head on with her conservative agenda outside of Washington,” McCarthy said in a statement.

    State of the Union rebuttals have been an informal tradition, given by the opposing party of the president, since 1966. Last year’s speech was delivered by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. Being chosen to give the rebuttal speech is now a sign of a rise to political stardom.

    Sanders will bring forth ideas that reflect the wisdom of her father, Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor and two-time Republican Presidential nominee, McCarthy said.

    “I am grateful for this opportunity to address the nation and contrast the GOP’s optimistic vision for the future against the failures of President Biden and the Democrats. We are ready to begin a new chapter in the story of America – to be written by a new generation of leaders ready to defend our freedom against the radical left and expand access to quality education, jobs, and opportunity for all,” said the governor.

    Sanders is the youngest U.S. governor and the first female governor of Arkansas. She previously served as press secretary for former President Donald Trump.

    She is a “powerful advocate for the popular, commonsense conservative principles that will put our country back on a better course,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    The State of the Union will be delivered at 9 p.m. ET, and Sanders’ response will be directly after.

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