Texas: Democrat Airs Her Dirty Laundry

    A Texas Democrat posted Thursday night on Twitter a picture of her hand-washed clothes to portray her prevention of the passage of a Republican election integrity bill as a personal sacrifice.

    More than 50 Democratic state lawmakers flew to Washington, D.C. on Monday to stop a Republican voting bill by denying quorum.

    “You bet we’re recognizing & honoring our country’s heritage,” said Democratic state Rep. Donna Howard. “As most Texans, tho, this is what we’re doing tonight—using whatever is accessible, uwashing our clothes in the sink.”

    Howard’s post showed her wet clothes over a shower curtain in what appears to be a hotel room.

    Howard’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Texas State Legislature members are paid an annual salary of $7,200, according to The National Conference of State Legislatures. State representatives collect $221 for days the legislature is in session.

    Democrats who flew to Washington are reportedly still receiving the daily stipend, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s office told Fox News.

    During an interview with Laura Ingraham on Monday night, Abbott said that the Democrats who left the state would be arrested upon their return. MSNBC host Joy Reid called Abbott a “Jim Crow governor” Wednesday for threatening to arrest the Texas Democrats.

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