Texas GOP Chair Is Lying To Texans And Telling Them They Can Secede

    Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West is doing multiple interviews telling Texas, inaccurately, that they could secede.

    CNN reported:

    “This is something that was written into the Texas Constitution,” the former congressman said in one late December radio broadcast. “Or it was promised to Texas when we became part of the United States of America– that if we voted and decided, we could go back to being our own republic.”

    Experts, however, say that Texas cannot legally secede and leave the United States to become its own republic. The annexation resolution West is referring to stipulates that Texas could, in the future, choose to divide itself into five new states, not divide itself from the US.

    Texas Republicans have a long recent history of calling for secession anytime that they don’t like something. After their bogus 2020 election lawsuit was tossed by the Supreme Court, Texas Republicans called for secession. Texas Republicans threatened to leave the country if Trump lost in 2016. Former Gov. Rick Perry called for Texas to leave the US a decade ago.

    Threatening to leave the United States is just what Republicans in the state do. It never seems to occur to them that Texas would not fare well on its own or that a Texas departure would kill the Republican Party at the presidential level.

    Allen West also thinks that states don’t have to follow laws that they don’t like and that Republican-run states have the power to overturn federal laws.

    The fact that Texas Republicans want out is a sign that things are getting much better for everyone else in the United States.

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