The Police Reform Laws

    Police reforms are occasional policies meant for reforming the practices of the law enforcement agencies so that police can perform duties with respect for democratic values and human rights. They are aimed at enabling police to achieve a professional style of work that attracts public trust. Some of the primary policies incorporated in police reforms include those that see to it that the law enforcement agencies operate to assist all people regardless of gender, age, class, or ability while upholding high-level accountability. These reforms include the George Floyd law enforcement Trust and Integrity act, executive order on safe policing for safe communities, and banning chokeholds.

    Secondary Aims of the Reforms

    The police reforms aim to ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all in access to security and justice apart from having the police protecting and respecting human rights and the rule of law. It also aims at addressing corruption and promote integrity.

    Effect of police reforms in the U.S.

    Police reforms have led to the enactment of laws, proposals, and public directives from all levels of government to address police misconduct. These have involved creating Special commissions like the knap commission in New York to change law enforcement agencies. It has as well led to the development of a permanent external oversight agency for the purposes of improving police accountability including the civilian review board which tends to focus on individual complaints rather than broader organizational issues resulting in long-term improvement. These reforms have also led to the development of a prevention program called the early intervention program that instantly responds to police brutality. The reforms led the law enforcement agencies in the U.S. to emphasize on de-escalation policy.

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