Trump’s racist dog whistles after Meghan and Harry and Oprah and gets demolished on Twitter

    Since losing the election, Trump’s team of incompetent bigots have been moving about, figuring out ways to stay out of prison, while also staying active enough that they can plausibly say they’ve been working on the coup d’état if that overthrow of the government ever happens. One of the least likable, least intelligent people in the Trump administration is Stephen Miller. Miller’s ability to dig down to the very bottom of a barrel of craven gargoyles is a feat unto itself. Miller has been thankfully out of power for a few weeks now, and is no longer writing C-minus level racist screeds for Donald Trump and the no-longer ruling Republican Party. However, in recent weeks, Miller has been called in to “brief” House Republicans on immigration matters, and remind everyone that the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s dreams of an oligarchy that controls its population through the mythology of an egalitarian ethnostate, are one and the same.

    On Monday, one of the big stories circulating around the internet was Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In the interview, the couple shared all kinds of thoughts and opinions on the experience of being in the public eye and stepping away from living the life of royalty in the United Kingdom. The tradition of racism was spoken about, the British press lost their minds, and the internet was ablaze with Royals gossip and opinions. The right-wing in our country, not unlike the more conservative elements of England, have had a difficult time dealing with the interracial couple and their decisions to step away from the outdated and stodgy traditions of the Royal family. Some right-wing pundits have chosen to attack the masculinity of Prince Harry, reminding everyone that only classy and intelligent people attack other people based on amorphous concepts like “masculinity.” Other right-wingers have just straight out been racist about Meghan Markle not being white. Predictably Stephen Miller falls on the latter side of the Republican think tank spectrum. Monday Miller sent out two tweets, both of which were met with an avalanche of responses that remind us all how truly despised Stephen Miller is.

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