Tucker Carlson Began Tonight’s Show Defending Insurrectionist Who Ran Around the Capitol With Zip Ties

    On January 6th of this year, a mob of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol. While some of the mob seemed harmless, many others did not. Barricades were knocked down, windows were smashed and officers were savagely attacked.

    Not long after the events occurred, Fox News began gaslighting its viewers on just how serious the incident was. And Donald Trump was along for the ride too. These people weren’t dangerous, the 45th president said, they we’re actually hugging and kissing the police officers.

    Tucker Carlson took it one step further on Tuesday night. The Fox host went out of his way to defend Eric Munchel. Munchel was photographed during the event dressed head to toe in tactical gear, wearing a taser and holding zip ties.

    Carlson told his audience:

    “Neither Lisa Eisenhardt nor her son, Eric Munchel,  damaged either property at the capital or committed any violence. They just walked in to what we used to refer to as the people’s house. And yet somehow, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is convinced that she was a ‘Threat to our republic’ and that her son was a would-be murderer. These are people whose crime was trespassing in the capital. We are not endorsing that. It took a ruling from the D.C. Circuit court of appeals to bring that perspective. ‘Two individuals who did not engage in any violence and were not involved in planning or coordinating that activity seemingly would pose little threat. Yet, seemingly. But the judges still do not release Eric or his mother, Lisa Eisenhardt. That is how much power federal prosecutors have. They can keep you in prison even when a judge concludes there is no reason for you to be in prison.”

    Carlson has continuously pleaded with his audience to ignore what they saw with their own eyes. And to ignore the fact that 140 officers were injured during the riots. And while it will certainly work with some, the majority of Americans will remember exactly what Trump’s mob did that day.

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