UEFA ban fuels backlash against Hungary anti-Gay law

    Human rights activists are saying thank you to UEFA. By siding with Budapest and barring Munich city hall from displaying rainbow-coloured lights for the Germany-Hungary match, European football’s governing body has unwittingly drawn attention to Hungary’s new anti-gay legislation that de facto criminalises references to homosexuality. We ask about the backlash and the support of Viktor Orban’s government for UEFA’s position that sports shouldn’t mix with politics and religion.

    So when is it right for athletes and their governing bodies to take a stand or a knee?

    Football has long backed anti-racism campaigns and has embraced the Black Lives Matter movement. Is this a case of true solidarity with a cause? Or simply a shrewd business move? Euro 2021 is big business and branding a product or event as open and inclusive makes financial sense, particularly when it’s a global brand that wants to attract fans from near and far.

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