UFO: mysterious, spherical object captured in a new Video

    Yesterday we had yet another video surface of US Navy personnel observing unidentified objects flying in restricted airspace near some of our ships. But this one comes with a twist that we’ll get to in a moment. The video was obtained and released by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on his website. The action took place in 2019 and the film was recorded from the Combat Information Center (CIC) aboard the USS Omaha (LCS-12). Click through to Corbell’s site to watch the video and make sure you have the sound on because you can hear the sailors discussing what it is that they’re observing, providing some intriguing hints. Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough quickly confirmed that the video was authentic, had been recorded by the Navy and was being studied by the UAP Task Force. The New York Post picked up the story later that day.

    Video taken aboard a US Navy ship off the coast of San Diego shows a mysterious, spherical object flying in the air before disappearing into the ocean, reports said Friday.

    The footage is the source of two freeze frame images of unidentified flying objects previously released that a Pentagon spokesperson confirmed was recorded by US Navy personnel, FOX 8 reported.

    The black and white clip, taken aboard the USS Omaha in July 2019, shows a small round object flying parallel to the ocean, hovering for a moment before it drops into the water out of sight.

    That’s the “twist” I was talking about. (One of several, actually.) We’ve seen other videos and reports of the military encountering UAP, but they generally end with the objects either zooming away at amazing speed or simply “disappearing.” These round objects, at least 14 in total, were flying over the water near the ship and then the one captured in the video appears to drop down to the surface and submerge. A search of the area, including the use of a submarine, found no trace of whatever it was.

    Listening to the conversation going on in CIC, you get the impression that this probably wasn’t the first one of the objects to go into the ocean and disappear. Someone (probably the Operations Officer) is issuing orders to get a bearing and range on it “if it splashes.” When it submerges, you hear one of the sailors shouting “Whoa, it splashed!”

    The objects were all round and reportedly at least six feet in diameter. There have been multiple reports of round UAP by the military in the past, generally referred to as “orbs.” Some skeptics have already suggested that the object might have been a balloon, perhaps a Boundary Layer Pressurized Balloon (BLPB). But reviewing the conversations of the sailors, we learn that the winds that night were in excess of 30 knots, gusting to above 40. The object travels horizontally for quite a while before stopping and hovering and then descending straight down into the water. You’re asking an awful lot out of a balloon to do that in those weather conditions.

    So what was it? As usual, I have no idea. But it was described by the observers as acting as if it was under intelligent control and it was navigating. The fact that it appeared to fly through the air and then descend into the ocean and disappear suggests that this is an object with “transmedium” capabilities. (The ability to travel through air and water equally well, and possibly the vacuum of space too.) This isn’t the first time that military officials have speculated about transmedium craft far in advance of anything we have. Classified briefings to Congress have reportedly included reports of our submarines detecting such transmedium vehicles, referring to them as “fast movers.” These are objects detected by sonar traveling through the water at hundreds of knots. We do not have any technology capable of reaching those speeds under the water.

    There is one more wrinkle to the story that’s worth mentioning and it’s already raising some eyebrows in the ufology community. The Pentagon spokeswoman was quick to confirm the source of the video and the fact that the task force has been looking at it, as I said. But when she was asked what the status of the object was in terms of being unknown or identified, she refused to answer. She did the same thing when Corbell’s last video came out. This is in contrast to the Navy Videos that came out in 2017 which she clearly classified as “unknown.” Why provide so much information about a leaked video but then pull up short and refuse to say whether they had figured it out yet or not? (For more on this mystery, read this Twitter thread from John Greenewald jr. of the Black Vault.)

    So it appears that we once again don’t have any answers, but this represents one more mystery to add to the pile. Perhaps when the pentagon releases its report on UAP investigations to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee next month we’ll learn more. (Though I’m not holding my breath.)

    What are your thoughts on the story? Let us know in the comments below!

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