Venezuela Will Send Oxygen To Manaus Every Seven Days

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced on Friday that his country will send oxygen tanks to Brazilian city Manaus every week.


Brazil’s Lula Thanks Venezuela for Sending Oxygen to Manaus

“We are establishing an agreement so that 80,000 more kilos, five gondolas, can arrive every seven days in Manaus (Brazil),” Arreaza said during a televised interview.

“For the revolutionary government it is an honor to help our brother people of Brazil. accompanied by the deputy of Roraima, Janio Xingu, fulfilling the instructions of the Pdte. Nicolas Maduro we are delivering 3 container trucks each one with 20 thousand kg of oxygen.” 


“Being able to save a life thanks to that oxygen and alleviating such a complex situation is what characterizes solidarity when it is true and that is the job,” the official remarked. Manaus, in the Amazon state, suffers a sanitary collapse and a critical lack of oxygen. Also, it has been one of the worse-hit Latin American cities since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

On January 19, 2020, the first Venezuelan oxygen tanks arrived in Manaus after president Nicolás Maduro decided to assist the city at a critical moment. Thus far, over 100,000 kilos of oxygen has been transported to the Amazon state.

“Brazil is a federal state, fortunately, for that reason, we had information on the seriousness of the health situation in Manaus, particularly the state of Amazonas. We communicate with the governor, Wilson Lima, a man who is from a right-wing party, but concerned about the situation the people are experiencing,” Arreaza explained.