We’re re-introducing the “Mommies Act” to benefit … “birthing people”

    “Birthing people.”

    I assume this is one of those woke neologisms like “Latinx” which the left spends months trying to mainstream, only to find like 0.3 percent of the population wants to use it.

    I would have gone with “fecund humans” but we all have much to learn from wokesters.

    If you’re willing to go so far out of your way to avoid offending trans men that you’d describe pregnant women with the absurd term “birthing people,” why the hell would you call your legislation the “MOMMIES Act” and refer to “maternity care”?

    A proposed compromise on terminology: “People with vaginas.” Non-gendered yet accurate.

    I had never heard this unfortunate term used before I saw Pressley’s and Bush’s tweets but a Google search reveals that it’s been around — sort of. I get 71,000 hits on it, which means it isn’t brand new but is very, very niche, although not so niche that it can’t end up in official messaging from Congress’s most progressive members. A Twitter pal pointed out to me that it was used in this widely viewed tweet from a Harvard Med School account last fall:

    Things did not go well for them in the replies, which you can read by clicking and scrolling here.

    Here’s hoping Tucker gets an hour’s worth of content out of this silliness tonight so that he’s not talking about vaccines at least. And don’t forget to wish your mom a joyous Birthing People Day this Sunday.

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