We’ve gotta write like we’re running out of time—because we are

We only have until Saturday to write “please vote” letters to Democratic-leaning folks in battleground states who need that extra nudge to turn out. 

What is your plan this week to finish writing the Vote Forward letters you set out to write?

Click here to sign back in to your Vote Forward account, and finish writing the letters so you can drop them in the mailbox on SATURDAY.

We are so close to hitting the ambitious goal of 15 million letters written and sent, and we will get there. If you know you can’t finish the job this week, please “release” the adopted voters so other volunteers can sign up to send them a letter. 

Daily Kos has set a goal of recruiting 100,000 get-out-the-vote volunteers for this election, and we are getting close. Chip in $3 today to help us with this effort.

Daily Kos volunteers have helped power Vote Forward into one of the most successful get-out-the-vote activities ever, and now is the moment when we will make a big impact.

Our community has adopted over 2 million voters in swing states, which has led Vote Forward to set the ambitious goal of mailing out 15 million letters to voters on Saturday, October 17.

But like the musical Hamilton, we gotta write like we’re running out of time. Because we are.

Saturday is the BIG SEND date, and we need your letters written and ready to go.

This week, we need you to make a plan to print out and write all of the handwritten letters you promised to send. Give voters a heartfelt reason why you will vote in this election, and why this particular election matters so much. And then, make a plan to mail them out on Saturday.

Click to log back into your Vote Forward account, and get ALL of your letters printed and handwritten before Saturday’s send date. And then, adopt more voters so we can reach the 15 MILLION milestone for a massive mailing on Saturday, October 17.