What do you think CPAC stands for? Wrong answers only, please!

    Like everything else, Twitter conforms to the 80/20 rule: 80% of it is a cesspool. Only about 20% of it is in any way useful. And of that 20%, 80% is inoffensive, but more or less forgettable. 

    But the other 20%? The top 4% of Twitter content? The crème de la crèmeI swear, it makes my day. Especially in these current hard times, when we are all struggling to hold on for spring and warmth and vaccines and better days, Twitter is one of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning. Maybe that’s pathetic, but it’s true. Many a time I groggily reach for the phone when I can’t decide whether to roll over and get more sleep, thinking, “maybe Twitter will wake me up.”

    Within a few swipes, I usually see a news story that gets my blood boiling, or a post that makes me laugh loud enough to wake the neighbors (and myself).

    Today it was the latter, as Twitter set its sights on CPAC. The notorious gathering kicked off this morning in Orlando, so Twitter user IDLIVA started a “wrong answers only” game.


    These next two go together:



    MeidasTouch had their own version of the game.


    But @last1yoususpect definitely wins Twitter for today:


    We’ve got a lot of creative (?!) minds here at Daily Kos. Can we do better?

    Here are today’s questions one more time:

    • What do you think CPAC stands for? Wrong answers only, please!
    • Are you on Twitter? If not, why?

    This is a fun thread; however, please note that the Rules of the Road still apply, so offensive C-words are still subject to flags.

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    Now go to the comment section and get the word started!

    apparently conservatives have adopted this as a conservative anthem… WTF?

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